Di Maio defeated: the former grillino disappears from Parliament

The alarm of fascism, the danger of bankruptcy, even the ballet to the tune of Dirty Dancing. Luigi Di Maio he tried them all to get a good result in the elections, but the head of the Farnesina was blatantly mocked. Youtrend’s data on the college Naples Fuorigrotta of the Chamber (uninominal) speak for themselves: Sergio Costa of the M5S won the battle, also knocked out Maria Rosaria Rossi (center right) e Mara Carfagna (Third pole).

Di Maio risks disappearing from Parliament

The debacle has arrived, inexorable. Among the main players in the election campaign, the former grillino now an ally of Pd greets Parliament. A knockout that is resounding: the seat was considered “armored” for the center-left, with little chance of victory for the other competitors.

An incredible “home” defeat despite dozens of attempts to wink at the voter. From the defense of Basic income at promises amazing, passing through the denigration of the opponent. What happened at the end of the election campaign at the Sannazaro theater is emblematic, where he brought a silhouette of Matteo Salvini to the stage to gather some consensus.

The flop of Civic Engagement

A Caporetto also for the movement founded after the split from the 5 Star Movement. Based on the first available data, Civic engagement it stands at between 0.5% and 1%, which is to say the least unfavorable. A collapse on the horizon despite Gigino’s confidence: “Civic engagement is 1% in the polls: I’m not worried. I believe we can reach 6%, I am very optimistic. I am in the area and many people want to trust us. And this gives me optimism “his words a Radio 24 about twenty days ago.

And the web is unforgiving. Dozens of memes starring the Campania politician are starting to circulate on social networks. Here is a roundup of ironic posts: “We go towards Di Maio earner of citizenship income”, “Latest of the transfer market: Gigino towards the return to San Paolo”, “Congratulations to the minister who had the dignity to respect the rule of the second term”. And we are only at the beginning …

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