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from Alessandro Trocino

After the electoral thud, the programs of the former foreign minister, who resigned from civic commitment: own company, work with a foreign company or an Arab fund

As soon as he set foot in Parliament, the reporters predicted him a future as a Christian Democrat (adding no offense to the former dc), it must have been for the impeccable suit, the shiny shoes, the loose gab, the clean face, but above all because the visionary and histrionic verve of a Beppe Grillo, the barricadero spirit, was not perceived in him. guevarista of a Di Battista, the orobic-subversive approach of a Toninelli. He wasn’t very credible as a champion of an anti-cast crusade and even the most extreme slips, such as the request for impeachment for president Sergio Mattarella, they appeared for what they were, not spontaneous ethical indignations, not deep angers but accidents along the way, stumbling blocks of formation of a still immature politician, but already ready for anything. The final game, provisional, arrived the other day – after the dramatic 0.6 collected in the elections – with a laconic message in the internal chat of Civic Engagement, the electoral cartel propitiated by Bruno Tabacci, to support the center-left: I resign as secretary.

In Caprera

A little bit for those who had left home and armchairs (with the 5 Star Movement) to follow him in a ramshackle and losing battle. Emilio Carelli, Laura Castelli, Primo Di Nicola, Carla Ruocco they found themselves on foot, defeated almost before starting to fight. Di Maio not Garibaldibut he still chose his virtual Caprera, giving up everything, social networks and associates, taking a pause for reflection that is physiological but affects a former enfant prodigy of politics and infuriates those who hoped for a political future with him.

Mistakes and pillory
Di Maio has made many mistakes but perhaps he does not deserve the pillory to which his opponents and even some former friends who enjoy vilifying the corpses of enemies have subjected him. In the front row Alessandro Di Battistawho says he feels no joy but advises him to stay away from politics and to get a degree. Unsolicited advice that tastes like posthumous revenge for a duel that has marked the entire history of the 5 Stars. The ferocity with which Giggino has been pointed out by many in recent years and months – from the irony about the drinker of San Paolo to the rumors of breaking up with his girlfriend Virginia Saba, from the sarcasm on the subjunctives to the one on the wrong names (Ping instead of Xi Jinping) – partly deserved (nemesis for those who insult and verbal violence a political program) but not admissible in the mouth of those who shared the tale of one is worth one of Mr. Nobody, without competence, without experience, without ideologies, a role that Di Maio has perfectly embodied.

Obedience and eclecticism
The 5 Stars were the toy of two brilliant dreamers – Grillo and Casaleggio – a very powerful machine to catalyze the vote of the discontented and the malaise of the excluded and frustrated, but they worked for objectives and not for principles. For this reason, Di Maio’s moral and political eclecticism was no exception and he, like almost everyone, he found himself at ease with Salvini and Fratoianni, with Toninelli and Tabacci, with yellow vests, sea taxis and the curial inclination towards progressivism of the dem. Obedience to the party line, including certain humiliating statements by Grillo, was total and unconditional. Until the break.

Lobbysmus, the second phase of politics

And now? Now is the time to cut ties with everyone, to close a chapter and think about something else. It is said that politics is only the first half of a careerthe second now also for us, as in the United States, which has become lobbying, the entry into that gray world of consultancy and relationships that provides voluntary exile in a gray area from which to weave new low visibility and high income plots. He does not confirm anything but the rumors are running. There is talk of the idea of ​​setting up a consulting company or working with Bain & Co. But there are those who say that, in the footsteps of Matteo Renzi, Di Maio also had an offer from an Arab investment fund.

Moreover, in recent months Di Maio has been able to build a network of relations, thanks also to his role as Foreign Minister. During the electoral campaign he received funding and donations for 300 thousand euros, from Consap, Alfredo Romeo, Marco Rotelli, the Niccol Cusano telematic university, Stigc pressure tanks and Energas Spa.

Stop to politics for now
What about politics? For now, there is no need to insist, she knows for herself. As for Garibaldi, there will be time to return from Caprera. Emilio Carelli defends him: He didn’t deserve this end, times were too fast, there wasn’t enough time to convince the Italians. Tobaccos – a great Christian Democrat and lord of politics – he speaks only well: an intelligent boy of good qualities. But now the leaderships are born and die in a short period of time. And then maybe he didn’t understand how much hatred had been catalysed against him.

Hatred and monuments

Yeah, hate or maybe annoyance, repulsion. Those feelings that Italians have of themselves, when they realize that they have believed in something that turns out to be a failure, and then with the same passion and dullness with which they had built the monument to someone, they quickly demolish it, hammering into what he remains, happily forgetting that he helped set up another fake myth. Di Maio did not have the time and ability to build his movement and did not calculate the novelty effectwhich rewards only new leaders or those who have recently repainted themselves, such as Giuseppe Conte, who until the day before fought on a very different front from the neo-Labor one at Mlenchon.

The eco-monster Civic commitment

Civic commitment now left there, headless, suspended in nothingness, a memento for future memory, an eco monster that does not have the strength to tear down. Some of his followers got angry, reading that resignation chat that fell out of nowhere, without excuses, without explanations, without any kind of mourning. Some (like Dalila Nesci, Gianluca Vacca and Vincenzo Presutto) would be approaching the Democratic Center of Tabacci. Some are preparing to open a chiringuito. Others are waiting for the waters to calm down to decide whether to try to throw themselves back into this absurd circus that politics. Or go back to normal everyday life, where one was never worth one.

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