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from Alessandro Bocci, sent to Turin, and Maria Strada

Allegri makes his debut Di Maria who repays him after 26 ‘with the first Italian goal. Doubles the Serbian on a penalty

21:34 – 50 ‘- end of the first half

The referee Rapuano also makes up for the time lost in the contrast between the defenders and, after 50’17 ”, he sends everyone to the locker room.

21:33 – 48 ‘

In Sassuolo, Raspadori and Pinamonti warm up. Do you change after half-time?

21:32 – 47 ‘

Clash in the line between Zakaria and Bonucci, the first remains on the ground in pain and the second touches his thigh.

21:31 – 47 ‘

Berardi engages Perin who blocks safely.

21:29 – 45 ‘- 4’ of recovery

21:27 – 43 ‘Vlahovic goal

The Serbian from the spot was impeccable, Consiglio can do nothing even if the central shot.

21:26 – 41 ‘Penalty for Juventus

Ferrari engages Vlahovic in the area, penalty for the bianconeri. The Var confirms the penalty. The defender is also cautioned.

21:25 – 41 ‘

The rhythms drop slightly.

21:23 – 39 ‘

On the developments of the corner, Locatelli’s right to the stars from afar.

21:23 – 38 ‘

Sudden blow from Cuadrado, Consigli puts in a corner.

21:22 – 38 ‘

Kostic warms up on the sidelines. Di Maria was bruised on the previous occasion.

21:20 – 36 ‘

Di Maria extends halfway to Danilo who from the right bowl to the center for Vlahovic. The Serbian’s turn is slightly throttled and ends just wide.

21:19 – The data

Angel Di Maria the fifth Argentine to score a goal for Juventus in this century: the others were Tevez, Pereyra, Dybala and Higuain.

21:17 – 33 ‘Thorstvedt yellow card

Outreach against Bremer

9.15pm – 30 ‘

Ayhan tries with a right from a distance, Perin pushes away with his fists.

9:13 pm – 28 ‘

Juventus strikes, also taking advantage of the benefit given by the cooling break: first they were suffering, after returning to the game.

21:11 – 26 ‘Di Maria goal

Angel Di Maria shows up at the Stadium with a rebound goal that deceives Councils, slightly out of goal: the shot turns into a lob in the far corner and Juventus takes the lead.

21:10 – 25 ‘

McKennie tries to be seen on the left, then exchanges with Cuadrado who triangulates with Locatelli and seeks the assist for Vlahovic. The Emilian defense somehow frees.

9:07 pm – 11 pm cooling break

Although the temperatures are less excessive than in recent days, a cooling break for the players.

21:06 – 21 ‘

Defrel from distance commits Perin in two stages, diving to his left

21:05 – 20 ‘

Shaved by Berardi towards Defrel, Perin understands everything and foils.

9:04 pm – 6 pm

Lightness of Locatelli, Berardi collects but his right imprecise.

21:01 – 16 ‘yellow card Locatelli

Contrast Locatelli-Berardi, the Juventus player is booked

20:59 – 15 ‘

Left around Di Maria, the ball falls on the bottom. It was too tall for Vlahovic’s pumpkin

20:57 – 13 ‘

Juventus makes the ball go round, Sassuolo controls and looks for insertions.

20:55 – 11 ‘

Cuadrado tries again Vlahovic in depth, this time the ball too long.

20:53 – 9 ‘

Frattesi closes well on Alex Sandro and also manages to earn the lineout.

20:51 – 7 ‘First change in Sassuolo

Toljan detects Muldur, injured.

8:51 pm – 6 ‘

Muldur collapses again, Dionisi prepares for the replacement.

20:50 – 5 ‘

From Alex Sandro a nice cross for Vlahovic: the ball ends on the bottom but there was offside.

20:49 – 4 ‘

Muldur in pain after the contrast with Alex Sandro and leaves the field to be medicated: neroverdi momentarily in ten.

20:47 – 2 ‘

Ready go, suspected episode in the Sassuolo area: contact in the area on Alex Sandro, Muldur landslide on him. Rapuano evaluates the green light.

8.45pm – 1 ‘

First ball of the bianconeri

8:44 pm – Rapuano, the black beast of Sassuolo, directs

At the 15th match in 4 years of Serie A, he never directed Juventus while with Sassuolo a kind of black beast: three games, three defeats.

20:40 – Everything is ready at the Stadium

20:39 – The data

Allegri then fielded Di Maria and Vlahovic from the start, in Sassuolo forward Berardi with Defrel and Kyriakopulos.

7:54 pm – Official Sassuolo training

Sassuolo (4-3-3): Tips: Muldur, Ayhan, Ferrari, Rogerio; Frattesi, Henrique, Thorstvedt; Berardi, Defrel, Kyriakopoulos. Trainer: Dionysus

7:48 pm – Official Juventus training

Juventus (4-4-1-1): Perin; Danilo, Bonucci, Bremer, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado, Zakaria, Locatelli, McKennie; Of Maria; Vlahovic. Trainer: Merry

7:36 pm – Unmatched

Sassuolo have never drawn when they made their Serie A debut away; the Emilians alternated between two defeats (both against Torino, in Turin), with two victories (against Palermo and Verona).

17:00 – Vlahovic at home

In the last two seasons, Dusan Vlahovic has been the top scorer in home games in Serie A: 27 goals in 37 home games for him (4 in eight games with Juve at the Stadium and 23 goals in 29 games with Fiorentina at Franchi).

16:29 – The former Locatelli

Manuel Locatelli played 96 games and scored 6 goals with the Sassuolo shirt in Serie A, while the first goal came against the neroverdi on 2 October 2016, when he was wearing the Milan shirt.

3:57 pm – Allegri’s squads

Massimiliano Allegri released the squad list in the afternoon. Apart from the injured players (Pogba, Szczesny, Chiesa, Kaio Jorge, Ak) and the disqualified players (Rabiot and Kean), he has not summoned Arthur, at the center of the market for a possible sale, instead present as expected the last Kostic purchase.
This is the complete list :.
Goalkeepers: Pinsoglio, Perin, Garofani.
Defenders: De Sciglio, Bremer, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Gatti, Bonucci, Rugani.
Midfielders: Locatelli, McKennie, Cuadrado, Rovella, Kostic, Miretti, Zakaria, Fagioli.
Forwards: Vlahovic, Di Maria, Soul, Da Graca.

3:33 pm – The beginnings

After winning five times in a row on Matchday 1, Juve drew the last time: 2-2 against Udinese. The bianconeri are not for two seasons in a row without a win at the debut from the 1978-1979 and 1979-1980 seasons (in that case the period was even three consecutive championships).

15:01 – Difficult transfer

Sassuolo have only won once at Juventus in Serie A (then a draw and 7 defeats), in the last match played at the Allianz Stadium, on 27 October 2021, with goals from Frattesi and Maxime Lopez.

14:27 – Favorite opponent

Juventus is the team that has beaten Sassuolo several times in Serie A: 13 times, 3 draws and 2 neroverdi wins. The bianconeri have scored in 17 of the 18 matches, with an average of 2.4 goals per game.

13:38 – The probable formations

Juventus (4-4-1-1): Perin; Danilo, Bonucci, Bremer, De Sciglio; Cuadrado, Zakaria, Locatelli, McKennie; Of Maria; Vlahovic. Herds Allegri

Sassuolo (4-3-3): Advice; Muldur, Erlic, Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos; Frattesi, Henrique, Thortsvedt; Berardi, Pinamonti, Ceide. Herds Dionisi

Referee: Rapuano

12:49 pm – Vlahovic is better

Last year, Vlahovic’s placement was more complicated than expected. The Serbian at Fiorentina scored in a burst. Once he arrived in Turin he returned to earth. In addition, in the summer, he worked to dispose of an annoying form of groin pain and pursues the best condition. Dusan is better and has everything to have a great season, Max spurs him on. Juve’s relaunch passes through Vlahovic’s goals. Meanwhile, the escort striker, the Dutch Depay, is on the way, while for the director, Paredes, an agreement is expected between Rabiot and Manchester United. Kostic, on the other hand, is ready, Allegri thinks about relaunching McKennie, recovered by surprise. It is not a question of men, but of spirit and attitude: the future now is not possible to make mistakes.

11:57 am – We need more defensive solidity

One step at a time, then. The summer was not great, Allegri admits it: We need to improve from all points of view, from the game to the defensive solidity. I don’t know if we are better than a year ago, but to bring the Scudetto back home we have to do something important while keeping a low profile. The defeat with Atletico Madrid did us good. If this is really the case, we will understand it already on the night of August 15th. Max insisted on the back four, underlining Bremer’s growth even if the loss of Chiellini and De Ligt made itself felt. The slow game must be enhanced by Di Maria’s qualities. It’s up to Fideo to trigger Vlahovic, the Juventus knot.

11:29 am – The coach: We need to close the gap on Milan

Try to win to chase away the skepticism but without illusions, without thinking of winning just because you are wearing the Juve shirt. Max’s announcement whispered and seasoned with a series of premises: It will be difficult to succeed. The Milanese are ahead and not just because they won the first game. And it widens the circle of contenders for the title: Five or six teams and we are among them. More five than six, considering Rome and the renewed Naples. Realism is needed according to the coach: Last year we scored 16 points less than Milan and we must have the humility to accept it and try to recover. And if the Scudetto is the objective of June, the Leghorn has another one that is closer and less ephemeral: To reach the November break in the top four and qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

11:13 am – Allegri: We must aim for the Scudetto

He has to chase and not just because he is the last to get going and the Milanese, albeit in different ways, have started off on the right foot. Juventus has the urgent need to rediscover ancient sensations in the year in which Vlahovic has to change pace and Allegri cannot go wrong after a season of zero titles. Max knows that another start like last year, in which he put together just two points in the first four games, would not be tolerable and he remembers the mission di Madama: We have a duty to aim for the Scudetto. The coach says this to shake the conscience of the locker room at the end of a complicated week: seven are unavailable, Vlahovic late in condition and still without a goal, the squaring of the (tactical) circle to be found. And Sassuolo, last year, the Stadium fell silent.

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