Diabetes, keep an eye on your feet: the warning signs of hyperglycemia

There are some signs on the feet that may indicate that we are at risk for diabetes – here’s what to look out for.

Diabetes: the signs on the feet (Canva)

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disease that can lead to the risk of serious complications, to damage to the eyes, kidneys, nervous system and cardiovascular system. Keeping blood sugar levels under control is one of the essential gestures to monitor our state of health. Also feet can reveal a lot about our well-being: we discover the warning signs that could indicate that we are at risk of developing the diabetes.

Diabetes risk: the signs on the feet that should not be underestimated

Diabetic, or neuropathic, foot is a chronic complication of type 2 diabetes, which causes changes in the foot and ankle.

Feet high blood sugar
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Because neurological damage can cause loss of sensation, it is possible that a patient with the disease may not notice cuts and small lesions, which can easily degenerate to induce gangrene.

For this, a thorough inspection of your feet is essential: let’s discover together all the anomalies to pay attention to.

Skin changes

Did you notice that the skin on the feet suddenly became dry and cracked?

Possible indicators of diabetes are:

  • Skin peeling;
  • Presence of cracks and damage to the heels;
  • Cuts between the fingers.

Presence of sores and calluses

Another diabetes warning bell to look out for is the presence of sores and calluses on the feet.

Although skin thickening caused by factors such as pressure and friction is generally harmless, in people with diabetes the callus should be considered as a pre-ulcerative lesion.

It may be associated with subcutaneous hemorrhage as well, since those suffering from this metabolic disease does not feel pain and, consequently, does not notice the lesion, it can lead to a sore and ulcerate.

Difficulty healing from wounds

Chronic hyperglycemia, i.e. high blood glucose levels, above reference parameters, can cause a delay in skin healing and the appearance of chronic wounds.

Feet high blood sugar
Feet (Adobe Stock)

In fact, it intervenes on the cells involved in the healing process and causes a decrease in their activity.

Pain and numbness

Among the most common signs that can indicate diabetes and that occur on the feet is the paresthesia.

This expression indicates a subjective sensitivity disorder, which consists in the perception of sensations such as pain, tingling, burning and numbness, without there being any stimulus to cause them.

Foot deformity

Finally, watch out for any discrepancies in the feet: they could signal the risk of diabetes.

This disease, in fact, can generate a complication that creates a situation of imbalance between the extensor and flexor musclescausing an imbalance of the joints.

The results may be the appearance of the so-called “claw toes”, the hollow foot, the prominence of the heads of the metatarsals.

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