Diabetes, your feet tell you: check one of these 7 signs

Diabetes is a very common pathological condition. If you constantly check your feet you will be able to understand if you also suffer from it. Watch out for these 7 signs!



The diabetes it is a very common disease and can affect adults and children. The most common is type 2 diabetes. It is a disease that can arise at any moment, and we can only realize it when it has exploded in all its aggression. The reasons why a person can suffer from it are unknown however, it can affect an underlying genetic predisposition.

THEtype 2 diabetes, as a serious consequence, it can lead to a lower influx of circulation especially in the lower peripheral pathways, such as the feet. If we check our feet, and we pay attention to these 7 signs, we will be able to understand if we too are suffering from diabetes mellitus. Let’s find out what to keep an eye on.

Type 2 diabetes: the feet as a mirror of health


If the type 2 diabetes has affected the normal function of the peripheral pathways, here are the 7 signals to keep an eye on and not to be neglected in any way. Among the first symptoms is the classic tingling or numbness of the feet. There is a greater difficulty in healing from wounds e injuries superficial. They can develop much easier ulcers on the forefoot and under the big toe. Distortion of the big toe such as the hook toe. We can find some gangrene of the foot which can lead to amputation of the limb. An alteration of the skin is easily found, such as high dryness, cuts between the toes and on the skin of the foot as well as damage to the heels.

Responding to one or more of these signals is the alarm bell of the type 2 diabetes. Therefore a medical consultation will be necessary to carry out more detailed tests to rule out a possible onset of the disease. Neglecting these conditions can be burdensome for the health, but above all for the mobility of the person. Because these infections easily, they can persist and necessitateamputationdue to gangrene of the limb.

To keep the diabetesOnce diagnosed, you will need to make some lifestyle changes. Nutrition, physical activity and the intake of assigned medications are the basis for keeping the symptoms and consequences of diabetes at bay. These indications can be applicable to all those who suffer from diabetes, however for the feet it is necessary to act with specific treatments.

It is necessary to keep the skin of the feet very hydrated, make sure you do not have cuts or ulcers, be careful if you walk barefoot and choose to be followed, always, by a doctor. It is also advisable to carefully choose the right footwear, to make sure to keep your feet dry. All these signs can indicate to us, depending on the state of the feet, if there is a need to contact a specialist who treats the diabetes.

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