Diablo, the First Chapter Is Now Playable via Browser


Thanks to the work of some modders, the first episode of Diablo can now be enjoyed directly from the browser.¬†That’s how.

The first chapter of Diablo is now available to be played directly from the browser. The reconstruction of the Blizzard game source code started last year, under the guidance of programmer GalaXyHaXz, as part of a fan-made project called Devilution. 

“In order to ensure that everything is preserved, Devilution keeps everything as it was originally designed,” the team specifies on Github.¬†“This also applies to bugs and poorly written code in the original game. This serves as a working base for developers, making it much easier than before updating, correcting and porting the title to other platforms.”

Thanks to this work a group of modders called Rivsoft has therefore been able to make the first Diablo accessible to anyone with a web browser, via the address diablo.rivsoft.net. Here a link is provided to download the Devilution source code, which can then be dragged onto the screen to begin using the shareware version. 

This is the portion of the game called Diablo Spawn, the one that could be played without the CD being inserted and which included the first two parts of the dungeon. Who has an actual copy of Diablo ( for example on GOG) can, however, drag the file DIABDAT.MPQ from the installed game folder to start playing that edition directly from the browser.

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