Dialysis centers say they are also under pressure from health care providers

private dialysis centers External providers of public health systems In the care of patients with kidney disease, they say they are under pressure from their health care providers, which is why they are asking the Ecuador Institute of Social Security (IESS) and the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) to reverse some of the owed money. asking you to pay. .

Jose Ruarez

Minister Ruarez vowed to pay debts with service providers

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As shown in EXRESO Ms. Christina Freire, spokeswoman for the Dializers AssociationAt the same time, this debt has prevented us from fulfilling our commitments to our suppliers of the medical supplies needed to provide dialysis, so that our suppliers have ceased providing these resources and instead filed lawsuits over their debts. there is

Freire said the chain of dialysis centers cares for about 21,000 patients, of whom 16,000 come from the Ministry of Health and 5,500 from social security. According to a spokesperson for the dialysis machine, the national portfolio debt is as follows: worth $80 million. And for IESS he’s $35 million.

Freire said that in some dialysis centers, We only have enough supplies for another week, may jeopardize patient care. He acknowledged that both companies have offered to pay at least part of the debt, but this has not materialized.

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