DICE presents the Battlefield 2042 recovery plan. Big patches are coming

The first reviews of Battlefield 2042, including ours, did not herald a catastrophe, but in subsequent opinions about this item, the enthusiasm began to disappear. The technical condition of the new BF left a lot to be desired, as well as numerous design problems, more about which you can read here. No wonder Battlefield collects low ratings and is one of the worst rated games in Steam history. DICE knows they need to fix this quickly and luckily has a plan to meet this goal.

The rest of the material under the podcast window Technically speaking:

In their latest post, the developers shared their observations about the premiere and revealed what and in what order they are going to fix. Battlefield 2042 will receive two big updateswhich are to noticeably improve production. The first one will hit the market already November 25, 2021 and includes some of the most important fixes, such as:

  • improved resurrection of soldiers,
  • adding a protection system after respawn
  • restoring the possibility of using the UAV-1 in Portal mode
  • balancing the power of the LCAA hovercraft and the MD540 Nightbird helicopter, which are currently too powerful
  • spread reduction for all weapons except shotguns
  • increased vertical recoil for the PP-29

The next update, planned, will be much bigger at the beginning of December 2021 Here, the list of improvements is gigantic and includes, for example, UI improvements, better inviting friends to the game, improving experience gathering and unlocking add-ons, and major map improvements. The full list is here, and DICE wants to describe the planned changes in more detail later.

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