Did Amber Heard cheat on Johnny Depp with Cara Delevingne? Fans have evidence (PHOTO)

Amber Heard would also have cheated on Johnny Depp with Cara Delevingne according to the actor’s fans: the confirmation would be of the images that have recently gone viral online.

A series of photos shared online in the last few days show Amber Heard And Cara Delevingne kissing inside an elevator: are the images authentic? We don’t know for sure yet but Johnny Depp fans are more than convinced.

Depp has accused his ex-wife several times of being unfaithful during their relationship and the latter has been filmed several times in the company of some men inside the elevator that leads to Johnny’s former penthouse. The latest images appear to show Heard, who has been married to a woman in the past, and Delevingne kissing in the same elevator.

Andy Signore’s YouTube channel released the shots that immediately went viral on the web: these new evidence, according to fans, remove any shadow of a doubt that the thirty-six-year-old star cheated on her then husband. On the other hand, the images, we would like to reiterate, have not yet been verified.

The photos, probably obtained thanks to a security camera, seem to portray Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne inside the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles, the same building in which Amber was seen with Elon Musk: according to rumors of two years ago the three celebrities would have had threesome sex just around the time these images were recorded on the camera of Johnny Depp’s former penthouse.

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