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She stopped following the blue tennis player on Instagram and deleted all the photos together, but Matteo did not. In San Remo she said: “See you only at big tournaments”

In the age of social media, it takes very little to unleash the rumors of gossip. Ajla Tomljanovic has stopped following Matteo Berrettini, removing all photos of the couple from his Instagram profile. For Matteo, however, on a social level everything seems ok: among the 369 people followed (compared to 1.2 million followers) Ajla is there, just as there are still photos together, even if – as per “editorial line” di Matteo – can be found by scrolling the profile. However, a few clues were enough to make us think to a break between the twojust on the eve of the Indian Wells tournament and after a few days in which Berrettini trained in Florida (where Ajla lives) after his abdominal injury in Acapulco.

Matteo and Ajla have been engaged since 2019, they spent the following year’s lockdown with Boca Raton and had even thought of playing some mixed doubles tournaments together. Berrettini, on the stage of the Ariston in Sanremo, told a logical truth: “We will only see you at the big tournaments.” Nothing more true, given that for 11 months of the year the two are traveling around the world and it does not often happen that the male and female scoreboards coincide. However, this was precisely the case of the Indian Wells tournament, which began during the night with the first women’s matches and which will see Berrettini in the seeded number 6 race. There have been no official communications from either Matteo or Ajla but , at least to interpret the social networks, something may have broken.

March 10, 2022 (change March 10, 2022 | 19:25)

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