Did you know Emilia Clarke did this surprising job before her legendary role in Game of Thrones?

The narrative tapestry of the comics would be nothing without the scintillating presence of Emilia Clarke, the breakout actress of Game of Thrones. Despite his current role in the Marvel Secret Invasion series, destiny had already woven its way into the comic book universe long before. The surprise is real: she not only played minor roles in this universe, but also took on the role of creator.

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Emilia Clarke: The progenitor of Mother of Madness

Let us give no more respite to anticipation: Let’s enter the world of Emilia Clarke who is the creator of a new genre of comics: Mother of Madness. Its co-author is none other than Marguerite Bennett (By force). To bring their ideas to life, they were able to rely on the intensely colorful illustrations of French artist Leila Leiz. MOM is a three-act mini-series which will be available from us tomorrow (Wednesday August 23). We owe this chance to Panini Comics, for whom the adventure has only just begun, thus allowing French comic book fans to delve into this incredibly improbable plot, two years after its launch across the Atlantic. So what’s in store for us? Mother of Madness ?

This is the epic tale of Maya, a young mother by day and a superhero by night. She has powerful superpowers that are triggered by her emotions. But when she decides to fight against a sect of human traffickers, she sets off a spiral of adventures worthy of an action film. This story is presented as an explosive merger ” between Deadpool and the comedy Fleabag »all spiced up with a feminist sauce. However, the result does not seem to have the desired effect.

Emilia Clarke and comics: a cocktail that doesn’t work?

We bit the apple at Widescreenbut the taste was not there: “the message, while entirely laudable, invades every corner of the story and never seems to fit in naturally”. However, this would not be the only downside of this faceted gem. Too many returns to the past, a tone that struggles to find its audience, a story that is too introspective…All these sparks of dissatisfaction have led Widescreen to give only two stars out of five to Emilia Clarke’s comic strip. Readers of Goodreads are much more lenient with an average rating of 3.1 out of 5. On the other hand, Comics Bookcase gives a helping hand by awarding a nice 7.5/10. Faced with a range of diverse opinions, there is only one solution: form your own opinion.

We sincerely hope that this mini-series will attract a wider audience than the Marvel series Secret Invasionin which Emilia Clarke is currently shining. As we speak, this show only has a score of 54% (50% from the audience) on Rotten Tomatoes. While some applaud this proposal for a dark spy thriller, others express their disappointment with a series “a little too dreary, derivative, slow and downright stupid…” Finally, Secret Invasion ends up being the least well-received production in the MCU universe so far. If MOM turns out to be as disappointing as that, we might come to think that Emilia Clarke is lost in the world of comics… Let’s hope that tomorrow will bring us a breath of fresh air and success.

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