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Guns, kidnappings, attempted murders of rivals: the criminal progression of musicians like Baby Gang, Simba la Rue or Baby Touch. Inspired by the riots in the French suburbs

Generation negation. The trappers – at least those of the criminal class – seem not to be interested in political parties, ideologies, social issues, religious aspects; it seems that they only care about themselves. But do you know who I am? The artist. I am Baby Gang! she screamed in the face of the cops who had stopped him on April 11 for a traffic check, that same Baby Gang alias Zaccaria Mouhib. One of the guys who, from investigation to investigation, and between gamblings, kidnappings, attempted murders of rivals (and hit songs, millionaire contracts with record companies, hundreds of thousands of followers), tells a lot about this last summer violent musicians, and tells us a lot about this generation and degeneration.

The efforts of mom and dad

Well of Zaccaria, 21 years old, born in Lecco and resident in Sondrio, son of Moroccan parents, an existential geography between the ex Padania Felix of the Lombard province and the outskirts of Milan, starting with the old San Siro centered on Piazzale Selinunte that North African children consider caput mundi, the repeated annotations of the police and carabinieri list the following: Mouhib manifesta a serious, actual and concrete social danger … The boy is a person dedicated to the commission of crimes that endanger public health, safety and tranquility … Since he was a minor, he became the author of numerous crimes against the person and against property such as brawl, theft, personal injury, incitement to commit a crime, insult and resistance to a public official, damage, defamation, drug dealing….

Yet, borrowing the question from those agents, whom Zaccaria had posed with an attitude more of a hooligan than a boss, perhaps almost obliged to do so by the inescapable recitation of the part – the companion who was with him had started to resume his cell phone scene to spread it on social networks – well, we have to ask ourselves who Baby Gang really is. Or rather, who the trapper musicians really are. Never forgetting a premise, necessary to clear any obtuse interpretations: Mouhib’s mother and father, according to the lawyer Niccol Vecchioni, the musician’s 41-year-old lawyer as well as other suspects, are decent people, honest workers, individuals extraneous to the evil circuit.

Spit, charges, terror

Holder of an intense career, former investigator against left and right-wing terrorism, author of the new investigations into the Piazza Fontana massacre as well as committed against Islamic subversion and organized crime, the 67-year-old is today Guido Salvini the investigating judge who, accepting the articulated accusatory system of the prosecutor Francesca Crupi, signed the orders of the 20 precautionary wards (9 in July and 11 in October) charged to the trappers and their associates, and who conducted the interrogations. Now, had it been a journalistic title generated by superficial analyzes or the synthesis of a political exponent in the electoral campaign, we would not even have mentioned it: but it was Salvini himself who reminded us that the violent demonstrations of the trappers are inspired in some way by the riots that take place in the French suburbs.

Everyone in the square

Inevitable, in this regard, to return to April 2021 when in the area of ​​piazzale Selinunte three hundred boys built a scenario of urban guerrilla attacking the police. The demonstration, in violation of the provisions against gatherings for Covid at the time, was officially organized as a flash mob, soon becoming a riot, spitting, rain of glass bottles, smoke bombs, screams, charges, residents sealed in the house for fear, an ugly page and disturbing of city history.

In Milan, which is building buildings everywhere and anxiously baptizing new areas of (alleged) redevelopment – for example, real estate agencies recommend investing in the second section of Via Padova claiming, as if it were a victory, that the Moroccans, the Bengalis, the Africans of the Senegal, Italian retirees with the minimum will be gradually pushed to give up rented apartments, and they will be able to buy at good prices -, enclaves such as the old San Siro remain. A portion of high rates of illegal occupations, bullying in the courtyards, drug dealing, human abysses and, on the other hand, of course, of physiological chronicles of integration, families rich in soul and dignity, not easy life paths that however celebrate tenacity and courage. Yes, for heaven’s sake. But even more so Baby Gang and the others, as considered by their peers of the spiritual guides, chosen as a model in approaching the world and interpreting it under the banner of never-with-anyone rules, become a decisive theme.

Those anti-system stars

Over the months, our talks with the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi, another man of experience – the periods at the FBI and the complex management of the No Tav in Val di Susa are valid – have postponed the repeated opposition of the trappers to the State, their progressive self-exaltation by anti-system stars; a scenario that solicits pedagogical, social and economic dynamics. As long as you want to see everything and everyone. The investigations have so far opposed the feud, which began in 2021, between two groups: the one headed by the same Baby Gang, who leads the band together with the 20-year-old Mohamed Lamine Saida alias Simba la Rue, also a trapper musician, who grew up in Tunisia and immigrated with his family to Merone, in the Como area; and the group governed by Mohamed Amine Amagour aka Baby Touch19 years old gravitating to the Veneto.

Stage and street

In June the latter had been hunted down and kidnapped by rivals, hidden in the car, beaten up and caught bleeding, with the usual videos broadcast in real time on social channels. A few days later, Amagour’s soldiers had stabbed Simba la Rue, dragged into an ambush, with the promise of an evening of sex, by ex-girlfriend Barbara Boscali, a 31-year-old porn star from Bergamo.

In the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Milan directed by General Iacopo Mannucci Benincasa, a fighting officer in Sicily and Calabria against the clans, they underline the criminal path undertaken by the trappers. In the sense that we do not attend instant violent actions as a sort of progression that relies on preparation, logistics, small arsenals of blades and guns, a progression that is certainly still embryonic, not codifiable with the status of an armed band yet it witnesses an investment in the criminal choice, a precise will to repeat the criminal sequences, even the aspiration to level up by carrying out more bloodthirsty deeds.

Nobody paid me to me

An investigator tells us that, on the concrete level, the sensation felt is that of a substantial lack of interest: outside the barracks as outside the police station, it happens to listen to comments of sufficiency about the trappers, treated in institutional debates as mere crazy splinters, and not invested with the necessary and tragic importance in the narrative of Milan, Lombardy, Italy. After that, if it is offensive to leave the degeneration of trappers to a mere question of law enforcement, it is also wrong to think that a single structure can avoid new violence: the prison. The investigators also dealt with the communities, a rare rescue anchor for children who can serve their sentences without making their debut so small in the galaxy of jail; but they have dealt with it because, on the sidelines of an enormous and admirable commitment that often helps the community to download the conscience, thanks to religious and secular employees, the communities have also provided complicity to the trappers. it was a nun, circumventing the prohibitions imposed by the judge, who gave Simba la Rue a cell phone and allowed him to call his ex-girlfriend Barbara. The conversation (intercepted by the carabinieri) discussed her betrayal, her delivery to the rivals who had stabbed her, the blows that had hit her femoral nerve. Him: Did you sell me or not ?. Her: But nobody paid me to me. Him: Enough, enough, enough.

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