Did you spot this discreet wink in Secret Invasion?

Being a Marvel fan requires a lot of dedication and at least as much memory! Disney+ films and series respond to each other, and while some references are obvious, for others it’s downright obscure and you really have to look very far for an explanation of this or that appearance on the screen. . In Secret Invasionthere is thus a reference that may have escaped you and for good reason, it is based on a sequence of a few seconds at the very end of one of the least appreciated films of the MCU.

You have to have the eye, and the right one

This movie is Thor: Dark World, the second part of the adventures of the god of thunder released in 2013. We found there Chris Hemsworth in the title role, Tom Hiddleston in that of Loki and Natalie Portman who kept her role of Jane Foster. The film, directed by Alan Taylor, has remained in the annals not for its scriptwriting qualities or for its realization, but more for its banality and its lack of real interest.

Anyway, the last post-credits scene at the very end shows a big, hopping creature chasing birds on the roof of a building in London. It was a Frost Beast straight out of Jötunheim. The sequence was a nod to the beast that already appeared in the first part. You will be forgiven for having forgotten its existence, the Frost Beast having disappeared from the landscape for the last ten years… But those who remember it may have appreciated the reference in Secret Invasion !

The second episode of the series featuring Nick Fury’s latest investigation shows at one point the list of DNA of several superheroes and creatures held by the Skrulls, which allows them (spoiler alert!) to create ” Super Skrulls”. Groot is one of them… but also the Frost Beast! It is also not prohibited to think that this DNA is that of the creature seen in London at the very end of Thor 2the Skrulls having been present on Earth since the 90s.

Which means that in the future we could see a Skrull using the creature’s abilities… There may be a nod to the Frost Beast in a future Marvel movie, today or ten years from now!

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