Die taking this selfie. Irina Shayk and the fashion world, in shock

Once again social networks have been shocked again. And, as has happened on other occasions, the fashion of trying to take a selfie in certainly dangerous places has ended the life of a model of only 21 years.

There are already several times that Instagrammers who seek to add followers based on ‘unique’ photos, end up losing their lives due to the high risk involved in being able to make that image.

In this case, it has been a British model called Madalyn Davis who has lost her life. A death that has left, of course, Irina Shayk and the rest of top models more than touched.

Madalyn Davis dies on a cliff

In this case, the tragic accident has taken place in Diamond Bay, Australia. An area where there are many cliffs and where, those who visit it, always try to get good pictures.

So Madison tried but ended up slipping and falling with fatal consequences. They tell from several English and Australian media that, after their friends immediately warned of emergencies and after an exhaustive search, the emergency services regained their lifeless body four hours later.

A new death that has led the authorities in the area to send a caution message again. Among other things, because just a few months ago a death already took place in identical circumstances.

As expected, the networks have turned upside down with a multitude of messages of support to the family that, yes, have decided to make¬†Madalyn’s account private now.¬†In any case, the messages have been numerous, from friends and friends of the model to followers who have been left to check out the tragic news.

We will see if, now, this unfortunate accident helps to raise awareness of all those who seek this type of selfies in dangerous places.

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