Died at 18 in alternation between school and work, supervising students: “Enough exploitation paths passed off as training”

“We wanted to leave with the red paint some phrases, which remind you what happened to Julian. ‘Killers!‘,’Enough dead‘ And ‘Enough Pcto‘we wrote on the road and on the entrance to the factory where a 18 years a boy like us died ”. Nina MingardiShe is also 18 years old and is part of the Coordination for Middle School Students of the Northeast, who have met at Noventa di Piave in front of the factory Bc Servicewhere the boy was run over and killed on the fourth day of internship who had started, as a student ofItis of Portogruaro. “Giuliano was killed by a school system that does not represent us, killed by the will of our institutions not to change, killed by those who every day carry out a mechanism of exploitation and of death that reaches our classrooms from inside the factories ”. So wrote those of the Committee on Facebook. Approximately 150 kids gave birth to the garrison to express “an irrepressible anger for a school and work system that in less than 8 months killed three students during exploitation paths, passed off as training “.

The reference is to two other deaths that occurred in the first half of the year on the outskirts of Udine, in Friuli, and in Fermo, in the Marche region. Beyond the reconstructions of the investigators and the inquiries open, the students wanted to take a tough stand. “None of the institutions that have spoken about these deaths have spent a word on the real problem we face, that is the same system that relegates every student for hundreds of hours to unsafe workplacesdiscouraging moments of training internal to schools. Abolish Pathways for transversal skills and guidance (PCTO) is the real starting point for radically changing a world of education bent on profit and rethink it on the basis of what we students really need ”. They then recalled how last year hundreds of schools throughout Italy were occupied precisely starting from the need to abolish school-work alternation.

“When we ask for more investmentsa new teaching that is not frontal, we are actually imagining and building a different world, a future in which the model of life is not based on the exploitation of all of us from the cradle to old age ”, they declared in several voices. “We know well that what happened to Lorenzo, Giuseppe and Giulianoit happens to too many people every day, especially in Veneto. We cannot pretend not to see how all these episodes are all connected and all the result of the same sick system ”.

The complaint has extended toenvironmentto the climateto the natural disasters: “This system of exploitation does not stop at our lives, our work, our classrooms. It is a system that has produced a very specific development model, based on the exploitation infinite and devastating of our earth and that is leading us towards a point of no return in a planet devastated by the crisis climatic that precisely these extractivist policies, of life and territories, have caused ”. And they shouted: “Our silence is assent. Continuing as if all of this were normal would mean considering this reality normal. We cannot allow it ”. Anna Ghedina, from Padua, concluded: “We cannot play the game of those who put the profit of life first. What happened is absolutely wrong. We think of the three deaths in a few months and of the other students who have suffered very serious accidents ”. Also present were young people from Friday for Futureready to celebrate the world climate day.

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