died at 34. She ate his face

The incidents took place on a playground in Fareham, Hampshire, UK. Maybe Ian “Wiggy” Symes got sick and a dog attacked him fatally.

He was walking a customer’s dog in a park when he was attacked by another dog. Ian “Wiggy” Symes34, dog-stitter died after being attacked on a playground in Farehamin Hampshire, last Wednesday.

Some witnesses claim that the man fell ill before the dog attacked him “eating “part of his face. A team of paramedics rushed to the scene, but the 34-year-old was pronounced dead not long after.

A twenty year old from the area was also arrested and then released, accused of being the owner of the animal (whose breed was not specified by the police at the time) and of not having kept it under control.

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“The family of the victim was informed. We are talking to the people of the area and we are conducting other investigations to establish how the man died, ”explained a spokesman for the Hampshire police who is investigating the episode that shocked the whole area.

“As part of our investigation, a 20-year-old from Fareham was arrested on suspicion of being the owner and person responsible for a dangerously out of control dog that caused injury resulting in death. He was released without charge but remains under investigation while investigations continue ”, he continued, assuring that“ even a dog has been secured and removed from the scene ”, but his breed has not been revealed at the moment.

Ian’s brother, Martin Symes, a father of two, visited the park where the drama took place and, in a touching tribute, said: “The last 30 hours have been quite shocking and very difficult to really understand what happened and why. Thanks for all the messages and the giveaways for my brother. It was really very touching. “

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