Diego Luna on the Star Wars Andor series, arthouse films, theater and being a true rebel. The GQ interview

Luna’s mother died in a car accident when he was a child, as a result he ended up spending a lot of time in his father’s shadow. The theater became his playground. Whenever his father worked on a production, he would run around and watch the technicians and actors.

As a boy he formed a close bond with Gael García Bernal, another son of artists. They would become close friends and later creative collaborators, drawing much from their common training. “We were quite advanced for our age because we grew up very exposed to the dynamics of adults,” García Bernal tells me. “We saw adults acting on stage and we wanted to do it too. We wanted to be close to them. We have become little Phantoms of the Opera ».

Luna remembers witnessing every stage of her father’s creative process, from the impressionistic sketches scattered around the house, to the architectural dioramas that steadily grew in size and detail. Watching his father work enchanted Diego. “It was like being in Alice in Wonderland»He remembers, holding his arms wide open to demonstrate the greatness of certain amazing sets. As a teenager, he was an apprentice under the direction of his father, from whom he learned the background of theatrical production.

García Bernal fondly remembers those times. “It was really amazing to grow up like that,” he adds. “Because we had the impression that we could become anything and get anywhere.”

Luna cut his teeth acting in soap operas. A child actor, he sat idly at the dinner table while scandals and dramas unfolded around him. In El Premio Mayor, for example, he played the son of a womanizer who had won the lottery and tried to repress his libido in order to remain faithful to his wife. These shows have made Luna an idol of teenagers in Mexico. The immediacy of that fame was disorienting, especially in relation to her previous experience in the theater, where integrity, rigor and acting were her core values.

This is why Luna loves doing theater so much, especially in Mexico, as much as participating in a project of Star Wars. A real relationship is established between him and the public. “There are people who have seen the last three or four shows I’ve done in Mexico,” he says. “It’s nice to have the opportunity to grow with them.”

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