Diego Maradona. One year after death. Argentina is still crying

  • Diego Maradona was one of the greatest geniuses in world football
  • Gwiazdor, however, did not recognize half measures. – He expected absolute adoration from everyone around him. I repeat: ruthless, says Balague
  • The author of the book compares the status of Maradona in Argentina to that of Robert Lewandowski in Poland
  • Maradona died on November 25, 2020. In his homeland to this day they cannot come to terms with the departure of one of the greatest stars of world football
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It is the first anniversary of his death. Did we learn something new about him this year?

The investigation continues, but we can confidently say today that Maradona was surrounded by people who did not care for him the way they should. He had no one beside him to influence him, direct him in the right direction, forbid something, or ordered him to do something. Everyone just nodded and did what he wanted. For example, I recently heard that people in his circle served him a beer every morning, so that he wouldn’t go around irritated. Sometimes they forgot to give him the pills. Looking at the last years of Maradona’s life, you can see how the group of people around him shrinks with each passing year. In the end, few people wanted to help him. It is significant that Diego was buried and said goodbye by the people who were with him at the very beginning of his path to fame. Those who had been with him in recent years did not come to the funeral.

As I read your book, I tried to find at least one person who really cared for him. I have not found.

Because Maradona did not want to help himself. He expected absolute adoration from everyone around him. I repeat: ruthless. He wanted to be on stage forever, admired by others. For this reason, he could not have real friends around him. But he was surrounded by bodyguards. It was a very strange world. I remember my last meeting with Diego in London. Fifteen people sat at the table around him, slightly counting. Fifteen! And he is exactly in the center of this circle. It was a symbol of his life. But of course not that everyone around is guilty of Maradona’s death. He didn’t help himself. He never looked in the mirror and did not examine his conscience. He mixed cocaine with alcohol. He was taking many other stimulants, tablets. He was an addicted man. He didn’t care for himself. A separate case, also under investigation, is the way doctors treated him who misdiagnosed his diseases.

The Argentinians were expecting too much from him, and he was not up to it?

I wouldn’t say. Yes, there was pressure, there were demands, but Maradona loved it. He wanted to be forever in the spotlight and got the perfect audience for the Argentinians. It is worth emphasizing this. Why did they make Maradona a god? What did they need this narrative for? Let’s look at Robert Lewandowski. You, Poles, do not treat him as a god, you simply think that he is an excellent footballer. And an ordinary person at the same time. That’s all. In Argentina, they couldn’t think the same about Diego. The people of this country have always needed great figures, great stories and Maradona has filled the gap. How he was treated tells a lot about the country.


Full interview with Guill Balague to read on the website of “Przegląd Sportowy”

In it the author of the book:

  • He wonders if Maradona could have achieved more as a footballer?
  • He says what was a greater tragedy for the genius Argentine than drugs
  • It indicates which match with Maradona showed his art best
  • He explains why Diego was (and is) loved more in Argentina than the more successful Leo Messi

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