Diesel and gasoline are clearly getting cheaper. Refueling is below PLN 6 per liter

Drivers have reason to be pleased as diesel and gasoline are getting cheaper. Wholesale prices in Poland are clearly going down and are among the lower in recent weeks. Ultimately, this must be translated into fuel stations. The only question is how the owners, who probably do not want to lower the prices, will behave.

Gasoline and diesel worth less and less

diesel fuel ban

Gasoline is the fastest and apparently cheaper. In the refinery, the popular 95 is sold at PLN 4,763 / m3, which is approximately PLN 5.86 / l gross. The price is therefore lower as much as 14 cents compared to the previous week. This is a very big difference considering the fall in prices. As a rule, we are more used to similar increases than decreases.

Such a drop means that gasoline should soon fall below the price of PLN 6 per liter. The only question is whether petrol stations are also eager to lower their prices. After all, they did not earn much recently, and they practically sold fuel without a margin. This is the case with diesel, which is why such a step can take place.

Because when it comes to diesel, the price here is PLN 4,891 / m3, i.e. about PLN 6.02 / l. This means that at many stations this fuel is still sold below its value. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that diesel is 9 cents cheaper than a few days ago. It is also quite a big difference that has not been seen before.

diesel fuel gasoline

It should be getting cheaper

And the signals not only from Polish refineries are very good, but also from around the world. The price of a barrel of oil is plummeting and today a barrel of oil is worth $ 77.67. It is also much less than a few days ago. So the prices should go back to those we could see in September. However, there is another disturbing signal that counteracts all this good news.

The zloty is extremely weak in the market against the euro. As bad as it has not been for 12 years now, which only shows the crisis our country is facing. There is more and more talk of another interest rate increase to save the country’s financial situation and the value of money. It is worth mentioning that they have been raised twice recently. For many Poles, this is nothing but higher loan installments that they will have to pay on this account.


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