Diesel and gasoline with limited sales in Poland? This could turn out to be a historic decision for gas stations

On Thursday, a key decision may be made when it comes to diesel and gasoline at service stations. It is very likely that oil production by OPEC + countries will decline. If this happens, it may cause a crisis on the fuel market, as there will be much less oil than it is needed. Is it possible to introduce restrictions on refueling at a petrol station?

Diesel and gasoline will be in shortages?

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As is well known, there are large oil shortages in the world. This is due to the conscious decision of the countries that extract them. For this reason, the price of diesel and gasoline is breaking records in many countries around the world. OPEC + is meticulous in increasing its extraction from month to month, but the latest information is very worrying.

According to unofficial information, production is planned to be reduced! This will keep a barrel of oil from falling from the price and will still be worth the right amount. This is supposed to be an amount that will not lead to the crisis like last year. Unfortunately, this will make production much lower and there will be less oil in the world.

And it is worth noting that the largest countries in the world have recently released their stocks. In this way, they wanted to reduce the prices of their petrol stations. It was also a step towards saving the economy of their countries. As you know, high fuel prices increase inflation. And this is the case in many countries around the world.

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Taking fuel at stations?

The announcement of a reduction in production by OPEC + countries could drive the price crazy. It may turn out that after the announcement of the decision, the price of a barrel of oil will rise sharply. This, in turn, will translate into higher prices for diesel and gasoline in the near future. The greater the demand and the smaller the supply, the greater the price for the product.

However, it is hard to believe that in any country, including Poland, there will be limits related to refueling. Drivers still have the option of pouring as much fuel into the tank as they need and want. The crisis would have to really reach a very high level. In addition, it must be remembered that, as a country, we also have our reserves.

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December will be crazy!

December promises to be a real rollercoaster when it comes to fuel price announcements. Diesel and gasoline, however, will not be affected that quickly, in the short term. The changes must be more long-term for this to be translated into petrol stations. After all, instability can lead to rapid and surprising changes.

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