diet. What should a diet for people with high cholesterol look like?

Diet to lower cholesterol. How Does Your Diet Affect Cholesterol?

Cholesterol and diet are two things each of us should remember. Maintaining a proper cholesterol level is an extremely important activity in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, which are one of the most common, but also the most threatened with death. Every adult should have preventive blood tests, including cholesterol determination, at least once a year. If it turns out that it is too high, then it is necessary to determine which fraction – HDL or LDL – is elevated. If it is HDL, the so-called “good cholesterol”, then we have nothing to fear, everything is fine. It is worse if the amount of LDL is increased, i.e. the “ bad cholesterol ” responsible for e.g. for the appearance of atherosclerotic changes. In such a case, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to reduce the level of LDL. One such action is a cholesterol-lowering diet.

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Cholesterol diet. Is 100 percent excludes fat?

The cholesterol diet is associated as a restrictive menu devoid of any products with increased fat content. However, this is not the end of the day. There is no one single effective diet for lowering cholesterol. It is important to follow the general principles of a balanced diet, as well as to take care of other aspects that affect the hygiene of everyday life – giving up substances, increasing physical activity, avoiding stress, etc.

The risk factors for the occurrence of high cholesterol are mainly:

  • following a highly processed diet
  • consuming trans fats
  • excessive consumption of saturated fat
  • consumption of simple and highly processed carbohydrates.

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High cholesterol. Diet is not everything!

It might seem that reducing fat intake is the key to lowering cholesterol. As it turns out, the conducted research shows that diet is indeed important, but not the most important. The leading lifestyle may, to a large extent, contribute to the disorder in this respect. Genetics is also important here – people with a family predisposition to low HDL levels are usually more prone to diseases of the blood system, while those who have elevated HDL usually enjoy it for years. good health.

High cholesterol should make us rethink what our diet looks like and how we behave in our daily routine. It is worth paying special attention to physical activity – if it is lacking, then we should introduce it gradually and make sure that it is permanently included in our daily schedule.

Diet for high cholesterol. Don’t forget to eliminate stimulants

A diet for high cholesterol is not only about limiting selected foods, but most of all stimulants. It is recommended that a patient with high cholesterol should give up nicotine addiction first. Smoking cigarettes has a very strong influence on the maintenance of high cholesterol levels, therefore quitting them as soon as possible will have positive effects on the process of lowering harmful cholesterol.

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Diet with high cholesterol. What about people with hypercholesterolaemia?

When it comes to high cholesterol, genetics are extremely important. People with the hypercholesterolaemia gene are more likely to absorb bad cholesterol from food. They should pay special attention to the high cholesterol diet. In their case, eliminating trans fat and saturated fat from the diet should bring the expected results. The amount of carbohydrates in the diet should also be reduced. They should be replaced by foods high in fiber and vitamins – vegetables and fruit. It is also important to remain under medical supervision, as pharmacotherapy may be necessary.

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