difference between assets and liabilities and the importance of maintenance

A fire systemas the name can easily guess, is a system designed to prevent a fire or at least to contain the damage, allowing people to get to safety and call for help in good time.

Their structure and complexity may vary according to the building in which they will be inserted. A system designed to protect a warehouse or large company will be more complex and structured than one intended to prevent fires in a home.

Likewise a fire system installed in a tunnel or in a deposit of flammable materials, it will have different characteristics depending on the risk of a fire developing.

It is also necessary to differentiate between preventive and protective measures. The prevention measures are aimed at reducing and minimizing the risk of a fire developing. The protective measures instead they are those implemented, after the development of a fire, to limit the damage.

The protective measures in turn are divided into active and passive.

There active protection it provides for active interventions by man or a fire-fighting device, including fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke and heat evacuators, acoustic and visual signals, pressurization systems and others.

There passive protection on the other hand, it includes all those measures aimed at reducing the consequences of a fire, without however the intervention of man or the activation of any plant.

Among the most common passive protection systems are the fire doorswhich prevent the passage of fumes and flames from one room to another or from one environment to another.

These systems also include structural elements or materials with a low degree of flammability that block the flames, or at least delay their propagation.

In this way those present have time to reach safety and rescuers can intervene promptly to save people and contain the flames, limiting damage to objects as much as possible.

To raise the level of protection against fire, whether in a private home, a company, a public office, a school or a museum, it is necessary to verify that all fire systemsactive or passive, are fully functional and in accordance with the law.

It wouldn’t make sense to spend good money to install a fire suppression system if it doesn’t work properly. It would be money spent in vain, but above all the protection of people in the event of fire would not be guaranteed.

That is why it is crucial to subject fire systems to periodic and continuous maintenancerelying on specialized companies in the sector such as GSI extensiona leading company operating for years in the fire-fighting systems sector in Turin and its province.

With scheduled interventions, you are sure of having a perfectly functional fire prevention system, in compliance with the law and capable of adopting all the necessary measures to prevent and contain a fire.

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