difference between book and film. Here’s what they would look like

Harry Potter characters
From the Harry Potter World Twitter profile

Harry Potter characters: difference between book and film. In fact, through some visual reproduction programs the characters of the famous saga have been created as described by the author. Some of them wouldn’t be very different, but others would turn out to be completely different.

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Harry Potter characters: Hermione Granger

From the Twitter profile of the Content Creator msbananaanna and from the Twitter profile Harry Potter World

Through an artificial intelligence the characters of Harry Potter have been reproduced following the indications given in the book. The idea started from the Content Creator msbananaanna who, like many fans, claims that Hermione Granger played by Emma Watson does not fit the book’s description. In fact, Watson is thought to be too beautiful to play the famous witch of the Saga. The creator used the program called artbreeder. According to author JK Rowling’s description, Hermione is expected to have thick dark brown hair, brown eyes, large deer teeth. As far as the first two aspects are concerned, we are there, but as far as the teeth are concerned, we are not. Emma Watson certainly has perfect teeth and does not reflect the description chosen by the British author. As shown in the photo, in fact, you can see the differences between the Watson and the exact reproduction of the Granger.

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Harry Potter characters: Draco Malfoy

From the Twitter profile of the Content Creator msbananaanna and from the Twitter profile Harry Potter World

Hermione Granger, however, is not the only character who does not fully reflect the description in the books. In fact, the creator msbananaanna he also reproduced other characters from the Saga. As mentioned some of them do not differ much from the description but still they are not exactly perfect. Just think of Draco Malfoy, as shown in the photo, he doesn’t differ much from the description. In fact, Tom Felton is not much different from the description. Rowling’s description is about a character with a very pale face, cold gray eyes and straight blond hair. From the photos shown here you can see a certain similarity between Tom Felton and the character created with artbreeder.

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Harry Potter characters: Severus Snape

From the Twitter profile of the Content Creator msbananaanna and from the Twitter profile Harry Potter World

If, on the other hand, we focused on other characters, we could notice small differences. Some characters, in fact, seem to perfectly represent the description of the book such as Fleur Delacour, Severus Snape and Archus Flich (Gaza). As for Severus Snape, as you can see from the photo, the character was almost perfectly reproduced. The interpretation of the late Alan Rickman was truly exceptional and almost entirely reflected the author’s description. In fact, Rowling’s description was thin, uneven yellow teeth, an enlarged hooked nose, brackish skin, black / dark eyes, and long, oily black hair.

Harry Potter characters: Lor Voldemort

From the Twitter profile of the Content Creator msbananaanna and from the Twitter profile Harry Potter World

However, it can be noted that the perfect combination of description and reproduction represents the evil of the Saga that is Lord Voldemort. In fact, as you can see in the photo, the reproduction made by artbreeder and that of the film coincide in everything.

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Harry Potter characters: everyone else

From the Twitter profile of the Content Creator msbananaanna

In the photo opposite you can instead see other reproductions of some well-known and lesser-known characters of the much loved saga. There are characters like Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, the Weasley twins, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black or Remus Lupine. This reproduction looks really interesting and really hits a lot. Many fans will appreciate these reproductions, while others, as often happens, will despise them.

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