Digital Foundry Praises Performance of Starfield Series X and Series S

Starfield is Microsoft’s big 2023 exclusive release, which is exactly why there will be an Xbox Series X and Series S-only console version, along with a PC version available on Steam and more. One of Bethesda’s big hopes for its RPG revolves around its technical performance on Microsoft’s consoles, and the good news for that is that Digital Foundry’s analysis shows that Starfield is ahead of the Series X and Series S. Both are “a refined and consistent experience”.

Attention to Polishing and Visual Quality

“Through my 20+ hours of gameplay so far, I haven’t run into any obvious bugs or other obvious issues, which I’ve never said in the launch version of Fallout 4 or Skyrim. Or it was delayed.” , but I feel like these delays were probably for the best because the final product is a smooth experience worth jumping into right after launch. Of course, I can’t speak for the game as a whole, but I didn’t see anything that made me hesitate,” said analyst Oliver Mackenzie.

In addition to the technical part, Starfield is also acclaimed for its graphics, which are among the best of the new generation consoles and arguably Bethesda’s best in terms of refinement and visual quality. . Also an excellent piece of work with a high level of detail, excellent post-processing and beautiful environmental art, this is a surprise and I think this game far surpasses Bethesda’s previous work.

The game’s sophistication and graphic quality were Starfield’s strengths, but the fact that the game world, though very vast, is quite fragmented and split up, coupled with the long loading screens are what make space RPGs big. It was the Achilles tendon. Another limitation Olive Mackenzie pointed out was the speed of 30 frames per second

“The world is highly fragmented and is frequently interrupted by loading screens, a holdover from previous Bethesda games. I wasn’t expecting a seamless experience at all, but not often. Frequent interruptions masked by short animations are definitely frustrating.On consoles, the other big concession is frames per second.The Series X and Sayles S are both aiming for a 30 FPS refresh. , there are no higher frame rate options available, which is not surprising – it was announced a long time ago – but the question is, how stable is this 30 FPS for a satisfying experience? It’s about being able to do it.”

Finally, Digital Foundry notes that while the game has a natural performance difference between Series X and Series S, it exhibits excellent visual quality on both platforms, especially on the ground and on the planets and satellites of the game. I pointed out that the image resolution is lower on the Series S. From afar, nothing disappoints the new generation of entry-level video games.

IGN Brasil reviewed Starfield and gave the game a score of 9.5/10. “Starfield is an RPG that combines the best of Bethesda’s games to date with his best sci-fi story about the universe that has ever existed. It includes elements like 2001’s Interstellar.” “

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