Digital terrestrial, like having a free decoder

A few days have passed since the first major technical change of the Italian television: the switch off of all the greats national channels it happened last Tuesday 8 March 2022 with the transition to the DVB-T2 system (also identified with the abbreviation Mpeg-4). Beyond the issues that strictly concern the technical aspect, thousands of Italian citizens have asked themselves this question: what happened to the free decoder that the Government had to send low-income individuals (senior citizens in the lead) home, with free shipping through Poste Italiane?

Of the measure – provided for by the 2022 Budget Law approved last December by the executive of Mario Draghi – all traces have been lost in the media but, in the last few hours, it seems that several news are coming from the offices of the Ministry of Economic Developmentthe department that deals with the issue chaired by the Northern League Giancarlo Giorgetti. In fact, on Wednesday 2 March, Mise finally issued the decree with which it establishes the procedure to be followed for get the decoder.

New digital TV, how to receive the new free decoder at home: the personal requirements

The technical problem to be overcome was that of identifying the entitled who must be born people at the same time before 1952 and currently with the pensioner status and no more than active taxpayers (including those who, younger, receive the invalidity pension or social allowance). To receive the device free of charge at home, it is also necessary to regularly subscribe to Rai (and, consequently, to own a television, whatever it is) by paying the annual fee in the bill.

New digital TV, how to receive the new free decoder at home: the tax issue

From a fiscal point of view, those who intend to apply to receive a new appliance free of charge at their home must fall within the income bracket lower than 20 thousand euros per year and having declared in the current year (2022 therefore) their own tax domicile in Italy. Requirement that also includes the normal domiciliary residence. The Mise has found a way to cross all these data and has drawn up a procedure for selecting the right holders who, subsequently, will be able to forward their request.

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New digital TV, how to receive the new free decoder at home: submit the application

This is probably the most delicate step, because the procedure for requesting the DVB-T2 decoder at home for free is still not there: the Ministry of Economic Development has yet to formalize it through the approval of a specific decree, which must be discussed, voted on and approved by the Council of Ministers. It will probably take time, it does not seem to be among the Executive’s upcoming priorities, but the problem remains, because today hundreds of families throughout Italy are cut off from viewing national TV channels.

Those who are entitled to the free decoder, and from 8 March no longer see the first 9 digital terrestrial channels, however, are also entitled to the classic 2022 TV Bonus, currently available both with the scrapping of used equipment and without, already available in store. In this case, however, the Bonus does not cover the full amount of the decoder or the shipping to home.

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