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In Wrocław and Warsaw, apart from Polsat HD and TV Republika HD The following channels are also tested: the general Nowa TV HD (in 2020 finally acquired by Polsat) and the religious EWTN Polska. American Catholic TV was to appear in the test multiplex at the beginning of the summer holidays. Only in September, however, did it obtain a Polish license. Without it, terrestrial emission would not be possible. In Warsaw, the music channel Stars.TV HD has also appeared in the multiplex, presenting the older and most famous music videos. Duplicate broadcast of TV Republika has been removed.

Problems with reception of the multiplex

The emission is carried out from the WTT building (Warsaw Trade Tower) in Warsaw on channel 23 (5.01 kW power) and Sky Tower in Wrocław on channel 41 (3.02 kW power). Soon, tests from the Olivia Star skyscraper in Gdańsk (power of 1.26 kW) are also to start. Tests are conducted in unusual image resolutions (1920×540). Many recipients also complain about the insufficient coverage of the test broadcasts. In Warsaw, in places where the DVB-T2 / HEVC trial multiplexes of Telewizja Polska and TVN of the Discovery Group operate, there is a problem with the reception of the BCAST multiplex. Improvement of the signal quality would be possible after a possible increase in the power of transmitters.

There were no new channels in the application to the National Broadcasting Council

In June, we informed about the list that BCAST included in the list of channels that can be tested in DVB-T2 / HEVC. The National Broadcasting Council then announced that it included: Telewizja Republika, TV Okazje, Telewizja TVL Lubin, Polsat HD, Polsat News HD, Polsat Sport HD, Polsat Sport Extra HD, Polsat Film HD, Polsat Cafe HD, Polsat Play HD , TV4 HD, TV6 HD and Super Polsat HD.

Most likely, the broadcaster has modified the list of channels at market regulators. – In accordance with the decisions of the President of UKE (agreed with the Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council), the following programs may be broadcast in BCAST’s experimental multiplexes in Warsaw and Wrocław: Telewizja Republika, Telewizja TVL Lubin, Polsat HD, Polsat News HD, Polsat Sport HD, Polsat Sport Extra HD, Polsat Film HD, Polsat Cafe HD, Polsat Play HD, TV4 HD, TV6 HD, Super Polsat HD, Nowa TV, STARS TV and EWTN Polska – informs the portal Teresa Brykczyńska, KRRiT press spokesman.

Next year, a change in the standard of terrestrial television

In the second quarter of 2022, the standard of broadcasting digital terrestrial television will be changed. The broadcast will not be in DVB-T, only in DVB-T2 / HEVC. Users of older TVs or tuners will have to replace them. It is estimated that it is over 2 million households. A public campaign on this issue has recently been launched. The new standard will allow to broadcast more TV channels or improve their quality. Telewizja Polska announces the launch of an internet-terrestrial digital platform with a regular TVP 4K channel on offer. The change of the standard will not apply to subscribers of satellite platforms and cable networks.

Test emissions in DVB-T2 / HEVC

Leading TV broadcasters are already testing the new standard. As part of the trial broadcasts of Telewizja Polska, the following stations are available: TVP Woman, TVP Polonia, TVP Dokument, TVP Kultura and TVP Entertainment. During Euro 2020, TVP 4K could also be received in this way. The signal reaches 90 percent. inhabitants of Poland. Inhabitants of Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk, Katowice and Bydgoszcz can receive TVN test broadcasts of the Discovery Group. The offer of the trial multiplex includes: TVN HD, TVN 7 HD, TTV HD and Metro HD. In Szczecin, the MWE company conducts test runs. Soon it should launch test multiplexes also in Warsaw and Gdańsk.

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