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Nuwa pen (provided by Nuwa)

Nuwa pen (provided by Nuwa)

Big tech companies like Apple or Samsung are obsessed with understanding written correspondence. The goal is for the tablet to know how to recognize lines drawn on the screen with an optical pencil (pen) and represent the drawings or letters written by the user with full fidelity. Both companies do this very well. However, it must be admitted that writing on the screen of an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab is somewhat uncomfortable; in this regard, this paper is still unrivaled.

Now, an independent company much smaller than Samsung or Apple has finally decided to make a smart pen that can “understand” what we write on paper and translate it to the screen. This invention is called the Nuwa Pen, and students around the world will instantly fall in love with it.

This advanced smart pen Allows users to write freely without having to worry about having to transfer everything written to their computer later Nor the fear of losing a leaf. In addition, the Nuwa Pen comes with many advanced features to make writing more comfortable and easy, including an ergonomic design, two hours of battery life for uninterrupted creativity, a stylish charging case and ink cartridge, and Fill with ink.

Nuwa pen (provided by Nuwa)Nuwa pen (provided by Nuwa)

Nuwa pen (provided by Nuwa)

With its built-in camera system and advanced algorithms, Nuwa Pen accurately captures handwritten strokes on paper and stores them digitally for organization through the Nuwa Pen app. Users can save, share, and access millions of notes while enjoying enhanced note-taking features that serve as a personalized scheduling assistant.

Nuwa Pen is designed for those who prefer the traditional pen and notebook approach, despite the dominance of screens in our lives today. The pen emphasizes users’ emotional connection to manual note-taking and aims to combine this with technological innovation.

“Other smart pens require you to write on special paper or a unique surface. With Nuwa Pens, you can write on any paper and we’ll digitize it”, the company states on its website. The price of invention? $373, although it is currently down to $293. The device is available for purchase now, but won’t ship until March.

Funding rain for this idea

The idea is great, which is why the Groningen-based Dutch company that created the invention, also known as Nuwa, has raised €1.5 million ($1.64 million) in a new round of funding from an American consumer goods company. This brings Nuwa Pen’s total initial funding last year to €2.5 million ($2.73 million). The funds will support the final stages of development of the Nuwa Pen, which is billed as the world’s most advanced digitizing pen for handwritten notes.

Early last year, Marc Tuinier attended the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a government-funded delegation from the Netherlands, and he was one of a handful of tech companies invited to take part in the trip.

It was at CES that Marc first met new investors, who quickly saw the potential the Nuwa pen had to offer. Within a few months, representatives from investment companies visited Nuwa’s factory in Groningen, and funds quickly arrived.

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