Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius, look at the photos in Milan

October 26, 2022 9:57 am

Here is the evidence of the relationship between the sports host and the goalkeeper

Caught in Milan at her home
Diletta Leotta, 31, and Loris Karius, 29, one of the most beautiful in world football, met in London and have been following each other on Instagram for a few weeks. On Sunday afternoon the Newcastle goalkeeper, who boasts a social following of 1.8 million fans, followed the English championship match against Tottenham from the bench, then got on a private plane and flew to Milan by Diletta Leotta. The paparazzi have immortalized him as he enters the door of the building where the host lives, with a small bag in hand (to spend the night).

There is no trace of Giacomo Cavalli
A little over a month ago Diletta Leotta was in Sicily with Giacomo Cavalli for the wedding of the host’s brother, Mirko Manola. On the arm of the young model she had arrived at the function in the church where she was a witness and then at her party she did not give up for a moment, also allowing herself to take family selfies with her boyfriend. In the social profiles of Mirko Manola and his wife Irene Simeone there are photos of the happy quartet. There is no trace of Giacomo Cavalli instead on the profile of the presenter who on the day of her brother’s wedding posted a selfie with the couple by eliminating the model. Even the group photo taken during the birthday of a friend in which Giacomo Cavalli appeared among others has disappeared. There is no memory of the boyfriend. It took a long time to come out (for a long time they were paparazzi but they have always kept their story confidential), and then in a few weeks they left without leaving evidence.

The love stories of Loris Karius
Like Diletta Leotta (she was engaged to Matteo Mammì, then Daniele Scardina, Can Yaman and Giacomo Cavalli), Loris Karius also had an intense love life. The handsome and fit sportsman who promotes healthy nutrition and a well-groomed physical shape on social media has had several love affairs with beautiful women. He also often ended up on the gossip pages for his flirtations and betrayals of him, of which the best known was the one with Sophie Thomalla (flirtation ended after he was caught kissing another in Mykonos).

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