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The cracks in the Putin regime find the first official reactions, albeit aimed at minimizing the frictions. It all begins with an article in the Washington Post, a prestigious US newspaper – that of Watergate to be clear – according to which Russian President Vladimir Putin had a direct confrontation with a member of his inner circle, who criticized him for the mismanagement of the war in Ukraine.

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The Wp cites US intelligence sources who have included this information in the daily briefing received by US President Joe Biden. The US 007 report does not reveal the identity of Putin’s loyalist but it is believed that Putin’s close circle includes above all former colleagues of the KGB and of the St. Petersburg administration, of which the Russian president was vice-mayor over the years’ 90. “Our assessments suggest that Putin’s closest aides and advisers are particularly alarmed by recent Russian losses, bad choices and massive military shortages,” a US security services official told the Washington Post. “There are many people who believe that things are not going well or that they are not going in the right direction,” said another source.

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Moscow, for its part, spoke with the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who admitted that there were “differences” and discussions around Putin when the Russian president was faced with crucial decisions such as that of “partial mobilization” “More than seven months have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “There is disagreement on these moments. Some think we should act differently – Peskov told the Washington Post – But this is part of the normal work process”.

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“There are discussions on the job, on the economy, on the management of the military operation. There are discussions on the education system. It is part of the normal work process and it is not a sign of splits”, explains Putin’s spokesman on the frictions. in the magic circle of the Tsar.

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