Direct weather report. Strong thunderstorms in Sardinia, Lazio, Abruzzo, Puglia. Storm also in Rome and it is only the beginning. Photos and Videos «3B Meteo

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AT 5.30 pm STRONG STORM, HAIL AND FLOODS. DAMAGE EVEN FOR THE WIND. About a couple of hours bad weather rages between Molise and Puglia due to a series of thunderstorms that are affecting several municipalities. First on the Gargano, then on the Foggiano and at the same time in the Larino area in the province of Campobasso real storms with hail and gusts of wind. Damage throughout the province of Foggia with trees felled in Cerignola, flooded fields, vineyards destroyed by hail and too much rain, a real disaster.

Also affected the whole province of Barletta, Bari, Taranto, Brindisi, Lecce with peaks of 50mm fallen on the Murge, the scenes are always the same.


3:00 pm – The low pressure vortex positioned on the middle Adriatic, responsible for the marked instability present in the Center-South, is clearly visible from the satellite images. Yet strong thunderstorms in Sardinia after the storms that hit the province of Olbia in the morning with accumulations of up to 30mm and even hail.

In these hours heavy showers and even hail are hitting the eastern province of Nuoro also reaching the coast of Orosei. Other strong storms are affecting Abruzzo, Molise and northern Puglia especially the Gargano area and the province of Foggia, they are strong in the Vieste area. Thunderstorms also between lower Campania, Basilicata and Murge but they are still poorly organized. In the next few hours the phenomena will tend to intensify. And in the meantime the situation on central Lazio has improvedand after the storms they hit the city of Rome and also caused a lot of damage from falling trees.

The weather forecasts are constantly updated, consult the updates also in our specific forecast maps on the Italian territory.

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