Director of ‘The Fantastic 4’: “The Irishman is better than all the tapes of the UCM Marvel”

Josh Trank just needed to see the first 5 minutes of Martin Scorsese’s tape to claim that he is superior to superheroes

Josh Trank, director of ‘The Fantastic 4’ of 2015, has been criticized in networks, especially by Marvel fans, after stating that Martin Scorsese’s filmThe Irishman, is better than all UCM tapes.

The director used his Twitter account to send a message where he mentioned that ” the first five minutes of ‘The Irish’ are exceptional .”

After writing the tweet, deleting it and closing his account after the bad comments he received from fans, his words were collected by other users and disseminated on Twitter.

“ Watching the Irish. The first 5 minutes have more humanity, truth and cinematic intrigue than each and every Marvel movie combined hahaha. Sorry, they are made. PD: I’m not sorry, ”he wrote.

The official trailer of “The Irishman”

His publication divided his followers and fans in general. While some agree, others reminded him that his version of ” The Fantastic 4 ” is one of the most criticized of the franchise.

The Fantastic 4 (2015) official trailer

His words have revived the controversial comments Scorsese gave weeks ago, where he mentioned that the UCM of Marvel “is not cinema.”

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