Director of the film ‘The Pig’ for the camera of the third ‘A Quiet Place’

In the picture Nicolas Cage, the movie ‘The Pig’

Previously, Jeff Nichols served as director, but last year he left the project to pursue another science fiction work that is also being produced for Paramount.

The originator of the plot of both this part and the two previous ones is John Krasinski. He is also responsible for directing them. Now, however, he has decided to give the baton to someone else.

About the plot of the third film, almost nothing is known. Everything is kept strictly confidential. A quiet place 2 was a legitimate sequel, and the three, as reported by foreign media, is to be more a spin-off than a continuation. Its task will be to expand the post-apocalyptic universe, so it is very likely that we will not see Emily Blunt on the screen anymore.

The two films in the series so far have achieved great success. A quiet place 2 had its release date postponed many times, but when it finally hit theaters, it has earned $ 297 million so far. Production has already grossed $ 57 million in the first viewing weekend.

What do you think about Nichols’ hiring director A quiet place 3? Will he be able to cope with the hit created by Krasinski?

Source: Variety

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