director’s son blasts Disney remake

The son of the director of the classic 1937 cartoon “Snow White” blasts Disney’s remake, accusing them of wokism. The feature film with Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot is expected in theaters next March.

Snow White: the new live action at the cinema in March 2024

Next March we will discover the new live action movie Snow White, adapted from the classic Disney cartoon. Before that, there had been other adaptations of the famous tale, with Kristen Stewart or even Lily Collins in the skin of the heroine. This time, it is Rachel Zegler who has been chosen to play the young woman and Gal Gadot will camp for her his evil stepmother. This project is part of the long list of classic cartoons that Disney adapts into live-action films.

And as with all recent remakes, many viewers aren’t shy about expressing their displeasure with Disney’s choices. The latest, The little Mermaid, led to controversy after African-American actress Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel. This dissatisfaction did not prevent the feature film from experiencing great success at the box office with nearly 570 million dollars in revenue worldwide.

For Snow White, it was the choice of Rachel Zegler who displeased because of her nationality of Colombian origin and the first elements of the plot that she had revealed at the time of filming. Indeed, she had stipulated that the heroine was not going to “dream of great love” but rather to become a “leader”.

The son of the director of the cartoon takes it out on Disney

This time it’s the son of the director of the cartoon Snow White released in 1937 who attacks Disney. Indeed, in an interview with the Telegraph, David Hand Jr. said (via Premiere):

Their thoughts are so radical now. They change the stories, change the reasoning of the characters. They invent new woke things and I just disagree. Frankly, I find it a bit insulting what they’ve done with these classics… There’s no respect for what Disney, and my dad, have accomplished. They must be turning in their graves.

He also said it’s a “shame” that Disney insists on remaking its classics for today.

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