Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Gray: “We never experienced the iconic dance scene”

Jennifer Gray opened up about the Dirty Dancing lift sequence: ‘We never tried the iconic dance scene, I was too scared.’

Jennifer Gray spoke to Drew Barrymore about Dirty Dancing during Thursday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show”, revealing that he was “too scared“to try theiconic dance scene and that he never did until he had to shoot the sequence in question on set.

The lifting scene comes at the climax of the romantic film about Frances “Baby” Houseman (Gray) and dance instructor Johnny Castle (Swayze) and serves to crystallize the genesis of their love as the two practice for a competition. dance.

I didn’t do it until the day we shot it“, said the actress during the talk show.”Oh no. I know the producers, Patrick and the director … well, I know they were all pissed about my rejection. I was too scared, I refused, I couldn’t do it“.

In her memoir “Out Of The Corner”, Jennifer Gray elaborated on her fear of the sequence: “Swayze said, ‘Let’s go! I’ve always done it. I’ve never dropped anyone. And you are tiny. ‘ I wanted to let go of fear, but fear didn’t want to let go of me. Hating myself and feeling shame wasn’t enough to get my body to take the leap. “

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