disagreement between Neymar and Mbappé does not surprise anyone

Was anyone surprised by the bad atmosphere between Mbappé and Neymar?

For starters, Neymar was never nice to teammates who weren’t his men. Or has anyone forgotten what he did with Cavani when he arrived at PSG?

The Uruguayan is the top scorer in the club’s history and had been there for a long time when Neymar arrived, a spoiled and childish guy. And that, with the ridiculous help of Daniel Alves, he starred in one of the ugliest scenes I’ve ever seen on the field.

First was the penalty that Neymar did not let Cavani take (and the Uruguayan was the team’s official penalty taker at the time). Then it was even worse: when the Uruguayan was about to take a free-kick, Daniel — with all lack of manners and respect — took the ball from him and gave it to his “boss” to take the kick.

With Mbappé, the incompatibility was announced, because the Frenchman did not go to Real Madrid with the promise that he could rule everything: choose director, coach, send players away – and on the Frenchman’s dismissal list was Neymar.

Is this all because Mbappé wanted to be PSG’s ultimate idol? Perhaps. But I think not only that. The lack of professionalism of the offended Neymar must be unbearable for a world champion and the best youngster of the Russian Cup in 2018. PSG offered the Brazilian even to Mars, but no one wanted to play an egocentric guy who doesn’t play for the team.

But then a new coach arrived, Christophe Galtier, and he played Neymar. Mbappé, probably against his will, accepted the Brazilian’s permanence. But last Saturday, already in the second round of the French Championship, the volcano erupted.

In the game against Montpellier, the Frenchman took the first penalty scored and lost. In the second penalty in favor of PSG in the game, Neymar went there and wanted to beat. I think Mbappé reluctantly accepted, and the Brazilian scored.

So far nothing unusual, although I think Neymar should not interfere and let Mbappé beat and try to recover in the match. But the worst was yet to come.

Fans criticized the Frenchman for having abandoned a play when he didn’t receive a ball, which was passed to Messi – until then, it’s his problem. But then Neymar goes there and likes posts that criticize Mbappé. In my opinion, that is being treacherous. With what intention did he do this? To enjoy your good start to the season and pull the rug out from under your partner.

Neymar is a super-talented player, but in recent times he has changed from being an athlete to being a celebrity. Because of his desperation of wanting to be the center of attention at all costs, he will never accept the role of supporting a team.

Neymar left Barcelona for not wanting to remain Messi’s shadow. And, of course, they made up his mind saying that at PSG he would be the best in the world, he would win the Champions League alone and, with that, the Ballon d’Or. But he has no natural leadership.

And, I repeat, scoring goals in the French Championship doesn’t change his image in Europe at all, because he hasn’t decided Champions League games for a long time (in the last edition, not even a goal was scored).

They might think I’m too strict with him, and maybe I am. But my intuition is that he will once again be a non-existent figure in the World Cup.

Then you can ask me: why do you think that?

Aside from everything I’ve written above, I don’t have any confidence in him. I think Neymar will worry about wanting to show up instead of playing ball, as he was in 2018.

I don’t see anything in the last few years that would change my mind, and I want to make it very clear that he doesn’t have to prove anything to me or anyone else, but I trust my intuition a lot.

I don’t want Neymar to fail. I want to be present, if possible, for another world title for Brazil like it was in 2002, because the feeling of this pleasure is great. But Tite collaborates with Neymar’s selfishness on the field.

I will pay close attention to every chapter of this story until the World Cup.

What will interest me as a basis for analysis will be the Champions League. It is there that the great players appear and decide important matches, as did Benzema, Vinicius Jr, Modric and the boy Rodrygo. The French Championship counts for nothing for this evaluation.

But, if the atmosphere wasn’t cool Neymar and Mbappé, think now how is the PSG dressing room…

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