Disappearance of 2-year-old Emile: Vernet’s mayor took this important decision to avoid a terrible incident

Where did Emil go? the question haunts vernet cityin Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, where a 2-year-old boy was on vacation with his grandparents. July 8, The family was preparing to leave by car when the child suddenly escaped from the adults’ supervision, leaving no trace behind. , People saw him walking down the street, regardless of the fact that children roam freely in the village. People have seen him going through periods that correspond to that time period, avoiding the supervision of his grandparents.” Pointed to France Blue’s microphone François Bialik, Mayor of Vernetthe day after he disappeared.

“People need to liveRemembers the city councilor in the pages of a week later Parisian, The residents of the village are in a state of uncertainty, doubt and fear of what happened.” , This Friday morning, Françoise Bialik took a tough decision by enacting a decree that “Prohibits the entry of any outsider” Traffic has been restricted in Haut-Vernet and in the village until Monday evening. a strong remedy for “Let the residents of Haut-Vernet and (Emile’s) family rest in peace” he explains fearfully spread of a “malicious tourism” In this “Small Hill Village” containing not more than thirty dwellings.

Emil’s family is devastated

The mayor of Vernet takes advantage of this brief exchange with our partners to inform the relatives of the missing child. beyond the collapse of his family, it is A “Feelings of Guilt” The one who hugs his grandfather. During a press briefing this Thursday, the public prosecutor of Digne-les-Bains, Rémy Avon, specified that “Several other family members (besides both the parents) were also present The house in which this family has been spending holidays for twenty years. in the middle of the week, Sex workers last searched “place in hamlet” Without ruling out any clues: accident, bad encounter, etc. Vernet’s mayor, he says “Hope to Keep” Of find emily shed more light ” as fast as possible ” about what happened to him.

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