disappears into thin air after the disco. “Raped and killed by a friend”

Justine Vayrac’s research ended on Thursday 27 October. The 20-year-old French girl, who had gone missing last weekend, was found dead. To reveal where her body was was the alleged murderer of her, an acquaintance of the 21-year-old victim, who confessed to having raped and then killed her on leaving the nightclub.

What happened

The girl, the mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy, has disappeared in Brive, in central France. She was last seen at around 4 am on Sunday, after spending the evening with friends at the local nightclub, “La Charrette”. Justine, according to her reconstructions, got sick in the nightclub after drinking too much alcohol and said she wanted to get some sleep in her car. A friend accompanied her but then left her with a man she “knew”. An hour later, not seeing her in the car anymore, her friends called the person they had entrusted to her, who replied that “Justine was feeling better,” so he was gone.

The searches

The girl didn’t give any more news, so her mother went to the police station. The search began on Monday, 80 policemen and gendarmes searched the Beynat area, a town about twenty kilometers from Brive, where the suspect had left traces of blood in his room and in his car. Investigators found Justine’s handbag, but to help them in the search was the alleged murderer, who confessed to the murder and led them to the body of the 20-year-old.

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