Disaster in La Manche. Emmanuel Macron: We will not allow the canal to become a cemetery

On Thursday afternoon, French authorities announced that, according to incomplete data, 31 illegal immigrants had drowned in the Calais area, trying to get to Britain on a small boat.

“I am shocked and frightened and deeply saddened by the death in the waters of the English Channel,” Johnson said tonight after the government crisis team meeting. He added that what these people experienced was a terrifying thing and that this catastrophe showed how “dangerous it is to cross the English Channel like this”.

“It also shows how important it is that we now step up our efforts to break the business model of the gangsters who send people out to sea in this way. That is why it is so important that we speed up, if possible, all measures contained in our law on borders and citizenship, in which we will distinguish between people who come here legally and people who come here illegally, he pointed out.

He assured that everything possible should be done now to destroy the business model of traffickers and gangsters. – Of course, we have to work with our French friends, with our European partners. Now is the time for all of us to speed up action, work together, do everything we can to smash these gangs who are literally getting away with murder, said the British Prime Minister.

– There is no doubt that the gangs in question, if they do not see that their business model is not working; that they can no longer sit and send people through the channel from France, they will continue to cheat people, endanger people’s lives and, as I say, avoid being punished for murders, Johnson said.

He noted that Britain had previously had “difficulty” persuading “some of our partners, especially the French, to do things the way we think the situation deserves.”

Emmanuel Macron said France would not allow the English Channel to become a cemetery; He said that he wanted a meeting of EU ministers on the migration crisis to be organized.

The French president also asked for an “immediate reinforcement” of Frontex’s resources at the EU’s external borders, the Elysee Palace reported.

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced an inter-ministerial meeting on Thursday in connection with the Calais tragedy.

French Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin said that four smugglers of people suspected of organizing the smuggling of migrants, which ended in a catastrophe, had been detained.

He stipulated that the balance of the victims of the sinking of the boats was not final and stressed that Wednesday’s accident “is the greatest such tragedy of migrants we have seen” on the English Channel.

According to British services, 22,000 people traveled through the English Channel in the first 10 months of the year. migrants.

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