Discord wants to introduce payable channels

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December 8, 2021, 12:47

Maybe soon, to get to some places on Discord, we will have to pay. The messenger is testing a function that allows you to place individual channels, and even entire servers behind the paywall.


  • Discord is testing a feature by allowing you to introduce paid access to some of the server’s channels;
  • on server administration will depend on the amount of fee and the extent of the access payable.

Discord has evolved from a typical gaming communicator into an almost universal social medium. Although it is free and will probably remain so for a long time, some services are paid for with it. To take advantage of additional functions (such as animated emotes, no limits for uploaded files), you will need to purchase one of the Nitro options. Maybe soon you will also have to pay to interact with some channels.

For Discord beginners, here’s a handy guide:

Premium Membership is the name of a feature that the Discord administration is currently testing. She will introduce possibility to set paid access to selected channels or even the entire server. To enter them, the user will have to pay a monthly fee, ranging from $ 2.99 to $ 99.99 (the choice is up to the server administrator). At the same time, Discord will accept a commission of 10% of the cost of the subscription.

Discord wants to introduce

The user will have a choice of several access levels. rdo: Discord

The possibility of introducing paid access to content is not a new thing on channels with limited access, we have been available for some time. Until now, however, in order to pay for it, it was required to use external services, such as Patreon. If this way of earning money suits the server owner, there is no problem, because Discord will continue to work with other platforms.

One of the important things is that we continue to invest in these relationships. We want to create an ecosystem that gives developers as many options as possible to be successful.

Jesse Wofford, Group Product Marketing Manager at Discord, spoke to engadget.

The feature is currently being tested on selected servers as an experiment. Over time, the coverage of the tests will expand, depending on the response of the community.

Discord wants to introduce

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