Discover Her Curves Maribel Guardia and Expose the Glory of Her 62

The Costa Rican actress is excited and let’s see a little more in front of the mirror with a lot of waste of beauty without any pain in nature

There is no doubt that the beautiful Mexican soap opera actress, Maribel Guardia, continues to cause intense reactions among Internet users because uncovering her curves is how she left everyone with their mouths open showing off her body at 62.

And it is that the famous woman originally from San José, Costa Rica, has not stopped giving something to talk about in recent months, because, with the irreverence that characterizes her and that sense of humor with which she infects everyone, she has positioned as one of the favorites on social networks, not for nothing has more than 6.7 million followers.

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It was through her official Instagram account that Maribel Guardia shared a fascinating postcard in which she wanted to show off her natural beauty and from a place that is quite comfortable for her to show to her followers, so her spacious closet witnessed the waste of beauty of the actress by exhibiting those curves and all their splendor.

So using the full-length mirror that he has in that part of the room, he modeled in front of him with the cell phone using nothing more and nothing less than an open jacket, at the same time that a mini top peeks out of the part. front and one legging very tight to her hips.

This is how quickly the postcard displaying all its natural glory without a drop of makeup and in tight lycra garments after exercising, it was that it took more than 93 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of the already known red hearts, because the television host and singer of Regional Mexicano, continues to look great at 62 years of age.

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