discover IKEA studios for less than 1 Euro

IKEA, a leader in the low-cost furniture sector but not at the expense of quality, offers a design solution that certainly does not require a loan from the bank or a mortgage: renting studios for less than 1 Euro a month to combat expensive rents and costs higher and higher. Let’s find out everything you need to know about Tiny Houses, micro houses.

Rentals: discover IKEA studios for less than 1 Euro
IKEA Tiny House interior with 1 Euro per month

There economic crisisthe feeling of uncertainty first for the pandemic, then for the tensions of the war in Ukraine, and finally i energy price increases. All this leads us to desist in hoping for tfind apartments for rent at reasonable prices. Not that the real estate market is stagnant, indeed: it is teeming with offers especially after the Covid period, but the costs are significantly higher than a couple of years ago. There IKEA solution is called micro case, 10 square meter studios called Tiny House.

The first prototypes arrived in 2021, in Japan and are spreading like wildfire worldwide. A living area with its living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a table / desk for eating and working from home. A mezzanine serves as a bedroom with a chest of drawers to keep the environment tidy. The all in a small format, but which have nothing to envy to normal houses, if anything the opposite. Furthermore, it is well known that in Japan, but in Asia in general, small apartments are very coveted to amortize costs. Self some properties of this type were sold for 47 thousand dollarswhat is surprising is to how much is the rent.

Well, with 99 Yen per month you can have a respectable studio apartment and spend less than one Euro. Considering what you can find inside, the rent is practically free. Especially for the fact that i materials for the construction of IKEA micro houses are recycled. The properties are equipped with solar panels and toilets with devices to reduce water consumption. This foresight allows you to amortize costs helping those in difficulty, as well as respecting the environment. Smart set-ups thanks to the sfruition of the vertical space on the walls, with the furniture already inside and with the usual design of the Swedish company: lo Nordic and essential style.

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