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Nasturtium Anav

Bath of youth

Saint-Tropez, 08/15/2023

Saint-Tropez, 08/15/2023

Nine months already that Capucine’s life has changed, with the birth of her little Lola. Suffice to say that the 32-year-old brunette and her fiancé Victor Dumas wanted to take full advantage of their princess’ first summer. Direction Saint-Trop’, where their baby discovered the pleasures of taking a dip in the sea, while the young parents smooch tenderly. The wealth management advisor thus seems to thank his good fortune every day. As for the ex-columnist of TPMP ? She has obviously largely overcome the baby blues of the beginnings. In this month of August, she even swam in happiness with her family, even if it meant having to splash about for hours with her daughter. In the water mom, here baby!

Timothée Chalamet


In his cave, on 08/20/2023

The heavenly beaches and the hot sand, it is not necessarily the thing of the actor of Dune, to see him floating in a cave. More refreshing, it is true, than sweating on a deckchair… But we don’t really know what her darling Kylie Jenner would think of it, who gets burned in Tuscany with her clan. On one side, Chalamet; on the other, blowtorch.

Salma Hayek

On the beach, coco and cuddly…

Mexico, 08/18/2023

Coming back to her country of origin for the holidays made Salma happy. On the menu, swimming, sunbathing and small cocktails on the beach, as the wife of François-Henri Pinault showed us on his social networks. A program that could make some followers a little jealous. Posing with her coco was a crazy idea?

David & Victoria Beckham

break poses

©KCS PRESS – Nerano (Italy), 08/18/2023

Slipping flip-flops or a leaky cooler: for any normal person, keeping their dignity while getting on a boat is an impossible task. But Vic can count on dedicated minions (including her son Cruz) to help her through this ordeal. Enough to give her all her energy to then shoot her husband, who didn’t even try to protest, knowing that the designer would insist… Must say that he knows her like that, Posh.

Maelle Brun

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