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Super Milk hairspray

Your hair needs daily protection from various attacks. Super Milk Lush hair spray brings together the moisturizing and protective ingredients they need. Coconut milk, almond milk and almond milk work in synergy to take care of all hair types. Apply your hair spray directly after shampooing. Alternatively, incorporate it into the LOC treatment for a revitalizing effect and long-lasting hydration.

Jason and the Argan Oil solid shampoo

The trend is towards solid cosmetics, because they are healthier and more ecological. Fall for Jason and the argan oil solid shampoo by Lush to take care of your hair. Argan oil is mixed with glycerin, rose absolute and essential oils to provide essential nutrients to the hair fiber. Your hair will feel softer and shinier than ever, especially since the formula is SLS-free.

Breathe of Fresh Air tonic water

Do you want a dose of freshness to face the summer temperatures? Never go out without your Breath of Fresh Air tonic water. More than a refreshing product, it has a beneficial effect on the skin. Its formula incorporates rose absolute, toning and rebalancing for the epidermis. Its action is reinforced by other ingredients such as patchouli essential oil which tightens pores. (…)

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