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”It’s almost a nightclub atmosphere”, Ophelia Fontana jokes, mistress of ceremonies at the RTBF “Video” press conference. Report to the subdued lighting and the shrill music programmed when he entered the “stage” of Egg Brussels, where the event was held. A special year for public television which will celebrate (on October 31) the 70th anniversary of the first image broadcast by it. Here are the new features for the start of the school year on “TV”.


On the side of La Une, the radio program Powerpuff Girls (VivaCité) with Sara De Paduwa, Ophélie Fontana, Fanny Jandrain and Livia Dushkoff, arrives on TV on Sundays. The same day, Gerald Watelet, Adrien Devyver and One guy, one boss come back for good in the fall. Tatiana Silva will host Tuesdays of the planetThomas Van Hamme returns to take charge of a new show let’s change the worldbilled as “a positive road trip”. Finally, Rodrigo Beenkens becomes a columnist for We are not pigeons.

There will be a season 2 for The Voice Kids. The channel is planning a special Jacques Brel day, will celebrate the 80th birthday of Salvatore Adamo and 50 years of hip hop. In this context, on 09/29, Mc Solaar will notably be present at the Major Meeting of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

On the cinema side, there will be The Fatherthe film by Florian Zeller with Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman on 09/18, but also Aline with Valerie Lemercier. We had already talked about Teachers room, the new short series by Christophe Bourdon and Pierre-Yves Wathour. It should also be noted that a documentary series on major Belgian criminal cases is in the pipeline: The mechanics of crime.

Baraki and a UFO series

Cathy Immelen takes over the show Culture Club with a new formula. On Auvio and Vews, a new program will be launched: Wasserette during which two people will discuss a theme. The continuation of the series Baraki is scheduled on Auvio and Tipik, starting this Saturday. Another Belgian series has also been announced: Alien Fair. The pitch: a presenter in a local Belgian radio will carry out the investigation after having seen, according to her, UFOs.

Madonna, Johnny Cash and IA on La Trois

For Hey Taxi!, Jérôme Colin went to New York to interview Belgians living in the Big Apple, but also Nile Rodgers (Chic) and Michael Stipe (REM). The biopic of Johnny Cash (walk the line) will air on 9/14. A Madonna special evening will be programmed on the occasion of his concert in Brussels in October. Documentary fans will note Jihad over Europe (04/09), The first 1000 days on early childhood (11/09), a Back to basics on Malcolm X (09/30) or, again, a portrait of Ryan Gosling (09/15). La Trois is also preparing a special evening on artificial intelligence (18/09) with the team of Click.

Mustii at Eurovision

RTBF will also broadcast Spectacular turn of events ! from 29/09 to 08/10, on several of its channels, to support live performance. Dedicated to children, Ouftivi has changed its name and is now called Auvio Kids TV. The streaming platform will host more exclusivity and the 12 regional channels of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. On the side of Tarmaccaps Art&Fact will be created to popularize the art, when in Confession young people will give themselves up. The press conference ended with the announcement of the candidate designated to represent Belgium at Eurovision for 2024. Mustii was chosen (see opposite).

After 13 years of existence, an RTBF channel changes its name

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