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blue swan entertainment titles slayers

A scene from Slayers/Bloody Disgusting

Blue Swan Entertainment is one of the most important companies in the field of film distribution. Not only for the attention with which it operates and searches for titles to bring to our country, but also for the role it has carved out for itself and which gives it its own precise identity. To get an idea, just scroll through some of the films released.

There are no borders and there are no limits, cinema can go everywhere, especially when it comes to good cinema. Thanks to Blue Swan Entertainment, the public has the possibility, therefore, to discover a whole cinematography, otherwise never known.

Lots of genres presented, from western to sci-fi, from comedy to horror. Scrolling through the titles in question, it is also possible to come across big names in the star system. Names that have sometimes remained a little in the shadows, or characters about to conquer Hollywood.

It is clear that any prejudice must be set aside e let yourself be guided by instinct. Although we are not faced with famous titles, the films proposed (and distributed) by Blue Swan Entertainment manage to surprise in a thousand different ways.

During our small roundup, you will find different stories, some guided by the comic line, others crossed by the sporting spirit. Space also for thrillers and crimes, as well as westerns – a timeless and increasingly trendy genre boom – and to horror.

Blue Swan Entertainment Securities | Guess who?

At the beginning we choose a comedy, entitled Guess who?which sees the participation of the great Frank Duboscflanked by Alexandra Lamy. The two return to work together, after the successful experience of Everyone standing. In the control room, Jean-Patrick Benes.

blue swan entertainment titles guess who

A scene from Guess Who?/Mediaset Infinity

Taking a quick look at the plot, it’s clear what the strength Of Guess who?. What would happen if, within a large family, roles suddenly swapped? This is exactly what happens to the Morels, grappling with an unexpected and unpredictable routine.

In the wake of works such as Freaky Fridaysthe film promises big laughs and a final lesson, simple but not trivial. Guess who? is available on DVD for Blue Swan Entertainment.

Earwig – The girl with the ice teeth

Defined as “superlative” by New York Times and “bewitching” from The Guardian, the film is set around 1950, in an unspecified place in Europe. And it is based on the novel of the same name by Brian Catling. After the grandiose transition to the festival of San Sebastiánwhere he won the Grand Prix of Jury, Earwig – The girl with the ice teeth lands in our homes (on DVD) thanks to Blue Swan Entertainment.

At the center of the story, Mia (Romane Hemelaers), the little girl in the title, to whom a strange appliance is applied every evening. In charge of keeping it hidden and never letting it out, Albert (Paul Hilton), follows the directions given to him on the phone by a mysterious man. Everything changes the day he is asked to prepare Mia for departure.

Three seconds to win

Sport finds its way to expression in the next title from Blue Swan Entertainment: Three seconds to win Of Anton Megerdichev. Based on the basketball champion’s autobiographical book Sergei Belovby title MovementUpthe film tells the story of the USSR team during the 1972 Munich Olympics.

A story of friendship, passion and redemption, set in the world of sport and in a fundamental historical period, from wherever you look at it. So many emotions raised during the 133 minutes of duration. Available on DVDs.

Blue Swan Entertainment Securities | The Killer

From Korea comes an unmissable title, directed by Jae-hun Choi and played by Jang Hyuk And Lee Seo-young. Between John Wick and Quentin Tarantino, The Killer starring a hit man about to retire to private life. Obviously, as in any good self-respecting thriller, it won’t be easy to achieve its goal. When the partner’s daughter gets into trouble, she can’t help but get back into action.

titles blue swan entertainment the killer

A scene from The Killer/Moviebreak

Presented in world premiere at Far East FestivalJae-hun Choi’s third trial definitively consecrates Jang Hyuk a action star, after a long apprenticeship in the most varied genres. The two have collaborated together in the past as well. The Killer is available on DVD.

The land of black gold

The land of the black bear is out on DVD and in all digital stores the January 27th 2023 and has seen its presentation in numerous such events, from Austin to Dallasfrom Madrid to Milan. The western finds its maximum expression in the story of Jim McNeely (played by Lane Garrison), an adventurer seeking his fortune in the field of oil. We are in Texason the ending of the thirties.

In the cast, some well-known faces from the small screen, such as Austin Nicholswhich became famous with One Tree HillAnd Hassie Harrisonamong the protagonists of the successful series Yellowstone.


Among the Blue Swan Entertainment titles presented here, horror is represented by Slayerswritten, directed and produced by K. Asher Levin. A trendy party, a group of influencers, vampires and a hunter who has sworn revenge are the ingredients behind the film. Ironic, fun and colourful.

They are the protagonists Thomas Jane, Malin Akerman And Abigail Breslin. The film is available from January 12th 2023 on DVD and all digital stores.

The novice. The freshman

Written and directed by Lauren Hadaway, The Novice. The freshman it recalls, in a certain sense, the much more commercial The Skulls – The Skulls with Paul Walker and Joshua Jackson. Not only for the sport that the respective protagonists practice, but also for the dramatic drift that both titles face. If in the 2000 film it was a real crimehere we find a more intimate and profound discourse.

Isabelle Fuhrman plays the young Alex Dall, freshman and new rower at the university. Perfection is, at the same time, his strength and her weakness. Reason why, with the competition that reigns within the school environment, you will find yourself having to face many difficulties. The Novice. The freshman is available on DVD.

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