Disguised demi Lovato, Chanel handbag for 25 thousand to shop with new boyfriend (PHOTO)


Though Demi Lovato he began his career at the age of just 10 years old, her life was not strewn with roses. Even then, the star struggled with eating disorders and depression, which at a young age it drove in alcoholism and drug addiction. In July 2018, after several years of total abstinence from drugs, demi she died from a heroin overdose and landed in the ICUwhere the doctors had to fight for her life. After discharge from the hospital, the star decided on the ongoing 90 days of rehabilitation in a closed center, absolutely cutting off from toxic colleagues and old friends.

Since then, the star focuses primarily on your health and career, from time to time going into fleeting novels. The last “production” kochliwej American women is 28-year-old actor Max Erichwhich singer found for a few weeks.

On Saturday, the star was caught by paparazzi in the company of a new object of affections when they were shopping in one of your favorite supermarkets of the stars in Los Angeles. And that is also in the city of angels reigns pandemic koronawirusa, a 27-year-old woman and her year senior lover decided to observe all precautions, were both in protective mask and rubber gloves.

As for the real star of the show befits, demi decided to add casualowa pattern fashion accessories: hoodies with prints and big sports costumes hacked shoes Balenciaga for $ 3600 and purse Chanel for approximately 25 thousand. Pay attention also strong eye makeup.

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