Dishwasher, if you do this the bill is halved: it’s very easy –

We are witnessing an increasingly decisive and progressive rise in the cost of energy bills, which will tend to increase dramatically over the next few months or years.

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to use some appliances, in order to significantly reduce energy consumption and related bills.

There dishwasher, nowadays, it is one of the most often installed appliances inside the homes of all of us. Thanks to the fast pace of work, and the increasingly lower time available, the dishwasher helps a lot during the course of daily life, especially for those who do not have time to wash the dishes by hand. This is an appliance that, if used in the right ways, and with the right load (strictly full, of course), can lead to considerable savings on water and gas bills.

One of the main prerogatives when we find ourselves buying a new dishwasher is certainly the choice of the highest efficiency energy class, preferring class A +++ appliances. These are in fact characterized by the lowest possible energy consumption, with the direct consequence of having less expensive bills at the end of the month.

Most dishwashers are in fact characterized by a average consumption of about 2.5 kWh: if the dishwasher is of the latest generation and with an excellent energy class, fortunately consumption can be reduced by up to 1.5 kWh. Fortunately, this certainly not indiscreet consumption is offset by the average water consumption. In fact, if up to 50 liters of water are required for hand washing of the dishes, in the case of the dishwasher (always used and strictly fully loaded) usually the 15 liters of consumption per load are never exceeded, therefore also leading to a considerable water and economic savings.

Useful tips for dishwashers

Another tip, then, is to use “eco” washing programs, which provide considerable energy savings. It is also possible to avoid the pre-rinse phase and the drying cycle, further saving energy and water.

If, on the other hand, a dishwasher is not available at home, it is still possible to save water with some simple and immediate tricks. One of the first tips is to remove coarser food residues using paper, so as to avoid using large quantities of water in the sink to remove them.

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Before using the soap wash, then, we recommend washing the dishes in a container filled with warm water, so as not to continuously use running water, which would lead to a considerable waste of water.

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