Disney +: 5 films that could make a big flop at the box office!

Among the new Disney + on the way, several films do not seem to be unanimous. What are they ?

Despite the low profitability of its films in 2023, Disney+ continues to make new releases. However, among the projects underway, 5 are not likely to win unanimous support. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Disney+: what’s new on the platform

Disney+ has not finished surprising us. Indeed, the American platform has planned to release many projects in the years to come. The goal: to find the classics of our childhood in the form of live action.

However, this idea does not appeal to everyone. Indeed, many apprehend the arrival of new products Disney+. The reason : the recent flops on the platform and in the cinema.

So, which Disney+ projects do not seem to have unanimous support? MCE TV tells you more!

Top 5 movies that could flop

Moana’s live-action (2025)

One thing is certain, Disney+ is not done with remakes and live-action, as we saw with The Little Mermaid. However, that of Moana’s story does not seem to be unanimous. Some then fear the big flop.

Mufasa: The Lion King (July 3, 2024)

Risky bet for Disney who plans to take over a great classic from the catalog. Thus, in Mufasa: The Lion King, the story of Simba’s father will be told in the form of flashbacks.

Snow White (March 22, 2024)

The iconic Snow White in live-action form? Gold, actress Rachel Zegler, in the skin of the heroine, seems not to attract the fans of the film.

Wish (22 November 2023)

This new Disney + creation is not very exciting. Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star is based on a story of despair, wishes and miracles. A well-known recipe therefore, which does not work every time.

The Marvels (10 number 2023)

Finally, Brie Larson returns with The Marvels on Disney+. A film which was a hit at the start but which has lost momentum over time. The reason: the interpreter of the heroine, little appreciated by some fans.

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