Disney and Johnny Depp are “linked”

Of the series… You are doing or not doing? When all they thought they put us a stone above, here are other voices, new hopes come from the statements that make up so much hype. In fact, it seems that the much-discussed Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is much more than a mere fantasy! To say, a member of the cast of the first unforgettable trilogy.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: the blown Lee Arenberg

Lee Arenberghistoric interpreter of the franchise in the first three movies he played the pirate Insidea member of the crew of the Black Pearl, it is to let go of regarding, during an interview about his career.

“Yes, I know, they’re talking about a sixth movie“ he said the american actor, adding that he would be willing to return in the role of back when he was at the side of the connecting MacKenzie Crook, interpreter of the pirate Before I’d met him:

I mean, I have already made two of us, but I love that part. Does not depend on me, however.

The pirate back when he was played by L. Arenberg.

In fact, at the time of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: The revenge of Salazarif it was talked about as the first part of the final of the saga, with a clue on the content of the sixth episode at the end of the post-credits: the return of Davy Jonespotentially back from the grave because of the destruction of the Poseidon’s trident.

Hope flares up, then, but it is to say that the franchise has suffered of ups and downs in her journey, starting with the controversial relationship of “mother”, Disney’s” the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.

Relationships that dissolve and relationships that are linked: it is the case of the Disney – Johnny Depp?

The production of the film, in fact, it seems that it was stop because of the complicated and long legal battle between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard that has led managers to Disney to close relations with the divo hollywodiano, eliminating even the marketing investments planned for the release of The revenge of Salazarthat nevertheless grossed an estimated $ 800 million in the world.

pirates of the caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean: The revenge of Salazar.

Then, every so often, it happens really what you hope to. It happens that a man, who Johnny Depp it increases to recover both in body and in spirit, continuing with his Grindelwald in Fantastic animals and turning some of the films more than decent, including Minamata, and demonstrates how to progressively resume from the difficult past appearing more and more in shape and detoxified.

In confirmation of this, they come recently online more overwhelming confirmation on his good conduct towards Amber Heard: the infamous injury to the finger of the hand, on which is said and heard pretty much everything, caused by the domestic abuse perpetrated by the ex-wife against the innocent Depp, who, despite everything, seems to have been incapable of reacting.

If you add to all this that, not just the manufacturer Jerry Bruckheimerbut also, and above all, fans have claimed not to be able to imagine another film of the saga without Depp, there is the common sense of Disney seems to have reactivated: it seemsin fact, that he’s going to rehabilitate Depp and take him back to the edge of his ship, probably at the side of a young female protagonist.

jack sparrow
Jack will return to the Black Pearl?

Whether or not it is true, that you may or may not agree on the fact that they need to review the Black Pearl and sail the oceans, probably close in glory, a history that remained, all in all, pending it would be useful to give a last greeting to the pirate who, in one way or another, made unforgettable a saga, with its incisive soundtrack, has carved a niche in the hearts of all of us.


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