Disney+ series premieres today, learn all about the character’s history

Featured Character in “Guardians of the Galaxy“, Groot is the newest bet in the Marvel universe to enter Disney’s streaming platform.

Created in 1960, Groot is a recognized character in the comics who hails from Planet X, where the villagers are humanoid trees with laryngeal problems, which explains the “repetition” expression: I am groot.

According to hey nerd, originally, the Groot was a villain who wished to study and kidnap humans, but was unsuccessful. The well-known Groot is a creation from 2007, the last of its kind colossus flora.

What is the story of “I Am Groot”?

Groot’s story is based on the childhood stagefollowing the first steps in the universe and a new side of the hero that participates in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The content is free for all ages and aimed at a younger audience.

What time does “I Am Groot” premiere on Disney+? When does “I Am Groot” debut on Disney+?

This Wednesday, august 10, the series entered the catalogue. The opening time was 4 amie, “I Am Groot” is now available on the Disney+ catalog with the six hero shorts available.

“I Am Groot” in addition to the Disney+ series

For those who like the hero, it is possible to have products to remember their “fan side”. Check out the main products.

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  • Marvel Olympus Groot doll – 24 cm figure, for children over 4 years old

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